Awesome Software Projects at Mastodon That I Admire

Please share yours.

❤️ KDE @kde - my computer user interface.
❤️ LibreOffice @libreoffice - my document working suite & teaching tool.
❤️ Inkscape @inkscape - my graphic design tool I use everyday.
❤️ AppImage @azubieta - my portable format to run applications across operating systems.
❤️ Tor Project @torproject - my secure & private & anonymous internet access.
❤️ GNU Jami @Jami - the new promising telephony & video call technology.


@frd thank you very much! For GNU/Linux distros, I have separate post here dated 8 June. Thanks to your reply, I found the new one LQDN.


@ademalsasa @frd *waves* Hi there! We're here as well and pushing FLOSS stuff with powerful dedicated hardware. 🤙✊

@tuxedocomputers @frd I am really glad TUXEDO Computers replied to me. Thank you, I support your effort in producing GNU/Linux laptops. Please keep it up, it is useful for everybody.

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