@thelinuxgamer Finally, my dude! And welcome to Linux Rocks.

I was just thinking about how you should join mastodon so I can tell you about that one thing you said in that one video.

@thelinuxgamer welcome, it's great to see you here :) Love you shows about linux gaming :)

@thelinuxgamer careful when getting on mastodons. Some of them don't like to be ridden, and if you fall off it's a long way to the ground!


@thelinuxgamer Welcome!!! Here is the tip: You can add metadata fields that contains your youtube link, twitch so people can easily find and follow your content.

@thelinuxgamer Great to see you over here, I love this little community of Linux geaks! Hopefully, sometime in the utopian future, this will be the only platform anybody uses.

@thelinuxgamer glad to see you on mastodon i'd love to see you on
sharetube two :)

@thelinuxgamer Welcome dude! Hope you enjoy it! I'm a huge fan of your work ✌😊✌

@thelinuxgamer I'm gonna follow and put you in the linux gaming list of my masto.

Hope you'll post your new videos on it

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