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Testing xmpp woth a friend.
I like the fact that I could have multiple xmpp accounts, one for work, one for close friends, stuff like that...

When thinking about it, xmpp could work if more features are adapted, like group calls, easier onboarding.

This is my plan,
Fist move people to signal, because they are much more likely to keep it and know how to use it.
Next step, moving to xmpp, with whoever , probably via blabber app which makes it pretty straightforward for people who starting out.

A friend of mine triies xmpp, and it seems for him like"gmail for whatsapp"

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Was so happy to see notifications of several contacts jump to Signal yesterday. 🙂
Slowly but surely.

I don't think that the blocking of Trump's account by mainstream social media is a legitimate step.

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Contact Diary: an app that helps you keep track of the people you have recently been with.

- daily reminder
- doesn't have the INTERNET permission, so it can't secretly share your data
#covid19 #privacy #contacttracing

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looking for work 

Nothing in the magic money app (email) except stuff I don't wanna do/am no longer qualified for (QA, Java), or spam for stuff I can't do (designer). Have to update LinkedIn and trawl that mess again.

Unless someone knows of a nice coding #job?

1. #Scheme
2. #Javascript front or back-end
3. #Python
4. #ObjectiveC (I'm not doing Swift)

Or, if you want me to keep doing indie #gamedev, a bunch of patrons would be awesome:

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@BartG95 The Tor browser is much safer though, using regular Firefox over the onion router is not quite the same.

This recommendation is only good if the goal is not to enjoy better privacy.

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open 👏 source 👏 projects 👏 should 👏 not 👏 use 👏 closed 👏 chat 👏 platforms

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Trying this again.
If this is not you, I would still appreciate if you shared.

RT @Yisrael_Dov
Hello all. I am interested in doing a meetup/panel/virtual-conference for religious people in the tech field. I want to discuss how religion impacts your working with tech and how the tech community treats you as a religious person. I am interested in very religious people (1/2)

Why systemd is often told as a badguy?

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I worry about the possible discontinuation of physical cash in the post-covid world, and the effects that will have. The centralisation of the economy combined with the fully transparent and auditable citizen.

Bitcoin is not a practical substitute. The last time I looked gnu Taler is still not there, and the more I think about it the less likely that model seems to succeed. i.e. Asking banks, the people with wealth, for permission so that people without wealth can have a bit more autonomy and a bit less scrutiny. A bit more margin. A bit less of the boot on their neck.

Any strategy which relies upon the permission, benevolence or good judgement of the wealthy is likely to be a failure. They want to maintain or increase their control, not reduce it.

@snopyta are you getting enough funding to keep the project going?
Email became Gmail, usenet became reddit, blog replies became facebook and Medium, pingbacks became twitter, squid became Cloudflare, even gnutella became The Pirate Bay


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