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thats the point of xmr, from where I stand.
it makes it pretty hard to make mistakes which can ruin your privacy,
which is easy on surveillance coins like btc

@myhushteam @TheFuzzStone@fosstodon.org @monerujo
I don't use cakewallet,but I see no problem with publishing a monero public address publicly, as all transaction are hidden.
with that being said, I would probably prefer to use a secondery address and not the main address for this purpose.

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@matt it takes much higher risk than longs...
If your willing to do this, and take the risk, your problem

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Flatpak and snaps are way to slow.. I'm trying to write down down things before work and no...

@i2p seems painfully slow, even slower then tor, which is acceptable.
I heard i2p should be faster...

Anyone uses xmpp with jingle and email over I2p?
how's it like?

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Is there an equivalent to #yunohost,that offers a "click to play" selfhosted server for #bigbluebutton?

@briar should have an option to send images at least!

@bob @dsfgs @aral @actualsteerpike there is someone who paid for his dental care with btc.
Thats the way.

@dsfgs no one can advertise this in "normal" social media

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