@techit how does a capitalist make a profit off copies?

@nergal it helps his ideas be more widespread and popular, this is just a little advantage of copying...
in the end, you could see that copying is better for a person

@nergal or any other organization
it is just another upside(not to talk about freedom of information)

@techit someone seeking profit seldom pushes new ideas. there is a carousel of copyrighted material that keeps being rehashed. this material is copyrighted and trademarked. same content, differing words.

@nergal as a sombody who wants to make profit,you want your stuff to be as much poopular as you could, you pay for advertisement and stuff like that.
if some people that bought it, shere it with eachother, they helping you do the exact thing you want and might even pay for free,
if people will find your stuff valueable, they will buy it, this is how it goes...

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