I have a problem with the mouse selecting in MXlinux mouse, it doesn't work well.
How could I reset all xfce settings to default?

Removed it for now, the mouse seems to work now.
Zoom is the worse malware I've seen

@techit wait until you try its target platform!
tl;dr use a VM.
That would be the worst! I have been searching for ways to sandbox (not secure, more isolate) applications. I have not investigated the Beasties much. They use jails and spin up arbitrary VM with bhyve and such. Linux distros shared similar abilities before this whole docker/kubernetes craze.

Try a Windows|| VM. @proprietary

@techit @proprietary not sure. Flatpak sandboxing is determined by the permissions in the manifest. Snap was difficult to use because it forced one to use root until registration with an online service was done. Installation of snapd feels more invasive than flatpak on a system without either.

It would seem snap isolates better than flatpak. For some programs to work, one has to use --classic parameter, IIRC.

@nergal @techit @proprietary I ended up having a separate install for all the apps I don't like using. Snaps work well in Ubuntu.
I used zoom downloaded from their website. Works well enough. A VM is a good idea too.

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