Just installed Ubuntu for my friend and Ghats what it showed,
Help me before he wont want is anymore

@techit uuh what graphics card does he have? Could be that. Have you tried rebooting? Replugging the monitor? Also didnt you test with the live usb?

Integrated graphic card Intel I3
All in one computer, the screen is basicly the compter

@techit mmm interresting. You could always try the proprietary drivers from intel but I honestly have never encountered problems with integrated drivers. You could try some of the other *buntus but check with the live usb first.

@techit Does the system work properly otherwise? Is hardware acceleration working properly?

@techit i never had this kind of issue, and i not good at support.
I would look for display issue resolution ubuntu.
Or go to ubuntu forum and search for help.
Or try to install another distro like mx linux, just test before install with a live usb to make shure everything is working properly.

@techit have you verify the checksums too? if not make sure to do that or just get a fresh copy of ubuntu, verify checksums and try live usb fist.

@dru18 I didnt verify, but I installed it using torrent from their site

@techit it's recommended to verify checksum for the iso file though you have taken it from generic sites. hence try download iso, verify checksum, make live usb, and if your live usb works fine then install verified iso.

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