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Sadly, it was not packaged on NixOS, so the next natural step was to write a derivation for it (NixOS name for a package). After a while, I found that I wasn't doing it in the right way but I still wanted to do it my way (added an extra couple hours). Finally, I got a working derivation and could finally start the docker-compose YAML file with podman-compose: I now have AWX running and don't know what to do next! So, quick question: am I the only one to always go for shortcuts like that? (2/2)

So it all started because I watched a video from Jeff Geerling about Ansible/AWX ( It made me want to test AWX. First step: I started investigating the docker-compose setup he talked about in his video. Then I remembered that I wanted to use podman instead of docker (because it's supposed to be a drop-in replacement!). So I looked for a tool for that and stumbled upon podman-compose ( (1/2)

Quite obviously, on NixOS, it's just one line of config to enable it:

services.autorandr.enable = true;

and "nixos-rebuild switch" away!

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I just found out about autorandr and it completely made my day: you can save screen profiles that are automatically loaded when there is a screen connected/disconnected (and it can even call scripts on changes).

Happy New Year (and thank you all for welcoming me earlier today!).

First toot: hello everyone on linuxrocks ! Thank you in advance for the warm welcome. 😉
(Tooting from NixOS, because, what else ?)


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