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@gamingonlinux I have not played the game yet, but once I started watching the introduction video, I could not stop. I very well made video with a great deal of humor.


Quand vous prenez un TGV et que vous voulez utiliser le wifi
=> ouvrez la page de connexion
=> Demander l'aide du bot
=> Dites que vous avez un billet étranger
=> Voila, vous avez accès sans donner votre idenfication. Vous pouvez lancer votre vpn


@lertsenem This is why the arrow keys are always on the same spot on a keyboard. Bonus points if you also map the keypad. Also, where is your game so I could complain about the controls as well?

I almost missed it: NixOS 21.05 is out! Again, a lot of work seems to have been placed in this release. For more information:

@lertsenem you speak like you would have had time to actually play the game ! :blobthinkingeyes:

@lertsenem I don't know if it pays off, but there is always ups and downs in this kind of detailed analysis.

@lertsenem I guess it's because it provides them an easy way to create dashboard to illustrate the KPI of the team. I can see that as appealing to some managers.

@lertsenem Indeed, it is a quite a good movie. I've been watching a few Korean TV show lately ("Sisyphus: the myth" being the last) : I'm impressed with the quality.

@omnipotens besides the usual tools for the tasks, I often find extra tools among the BCC: Also, Brendan Gregg's blog lists a treasure trove of tools for performance analysis.

@lertsenem You could name your game "Katana Minus One". Yes, that should work.

@s31bz it brings back some of my memories of the time I spent in the US. Thank you for reminding me that I don't have to fill these horrendus forms anymore! 😃

My lock picking kit.

All it took was two bobby pins to open a dead bolt with a lost key.

Took 2 minutes with no experience. Makes you wonder about security.

Some freecad assembly4 love. I hope this helps some people to get to grips with this tool.

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