My absolute least favorite genre of post: the “someone should really do something about this” post by one of the few people who actually could do something about it

A very good article about what the author call "insight porn". It's particularly interesting if you've read texts before about being more efficient in your life by doing this or that, only to find out later that the advice was not actionnable.

New version of NEXXT published. And with it, i've decided to host it on itch. Free to use & public domain.

I make nearly all my NES graphics in it.

Since this really irked me...

Never be afraid to earn a living from what you love doing. This *is* my full-time job, has been for years.

If you complain at me for not moving to X or Y platform, then claim I'm some kind of "corporate shill" or "money-making outlet"...the door is the unfollow button and I'll be muting you forever.

I can't remember who made me notice that what sits between soft-ware and hard-ware is called firm-ware, but they opened my eyes more than any philosophy book.

I wanted to try out ImHex (, so here is the corresponding Nix derivation:
Go to the root of the repository if you want to know how to use it.

@lertsenem It is actually quite lovely. I like the way you made a wall out of bricks.
Thank you for your art!

I just wrote a new blog article about Nix, NixOS, Zed - an encryption software - and how (not to) package a proprietary software on Nix.
Tell me what you think and if you like this type of content.

You can find it here:

Je suis très heureux de vous annoncer la sortie de mon deuxième livre consacré aux jeux tactiles en papier.

C'est le résultat de plus de 4 années de travail sur le thème des jeux pour les enfants aveugles.

Le livre a été présenté officiellement la semaine dernière lors d'une conférence à l'INSHEA et l'ouvrage est disponible... aujourd'hui 🙂

Say you are looking to revive a dead Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 tablet (Lenovo YT-X703F) and you can't find a battery because there is a worldwide shortage. Provided that you can use a soldering iron, a viable option is to buy three "INR Samsung Lithium Battery 30Q 3000mAh", open the existing battery encasing (carefully), unsolder the controller, and solder the new batteries instead. I took me perhaps 3 hours all in all, but I saved a tablet.

@omnipotens You got me worried for a second that you had stopped this instance. Thank you again for running it!

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

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