Since this really irked me...

Never be afraid to earn a living from what you love doing. This *is* my full-time job, has been for years.

If you complain at me for not moving to X or Y platform, then claim I'm some kind of "corporate shill" or "money-making outlet"...the door is the unfollow button and I'll be muting you forever.

I can't remember who made me notice that what sits between soft-ware and hard-ware is called firm-ware, but they opened my eyes more than any philosophy book.

I wanted to try out ImHex (, so here is the corresponding Nix derivation:
Go to the root of the repository if you want to know how to use it.

I just wrote a new blog article about Nix, NixOS, Zed - an encryption software - and how (not to) package a proprietary software on Nix.
Tell me what you think and if you like this type of content.

You can find it here:

Je suis très heureux de vous annoncer la sortie de mon deuxième livre consacré aux jeux tactiles en papier.

C'est le résultat de plus de 4 années de travail sur le thème des jeux pour les enfants aveugles.

Le livre a été présenté officiellement la semaine dernière lors d'une conférence à l'INSHEA et l'ouvrage est disponible... aujourd'hui 🙂

Say you are looking to revive a dead Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 tablet (Lenovo YT-X703F) and you can't find a battery because there is a worldwide shortage. Provided that you can use a soldering iron, a viable option is to buy three "INR Samsung Lithium Battery 30Q 3000mAh", open the existing battery encasing (carefully), unsolder the controller, and solder the new batteries instead. I took me perhaps 3 hours all in all, but I saved a tablet.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Looks like our current (French) President is getting a Long Term Support and will be maintained for the next 5 years.

I moved away from Httpd to Caddy for my Hugo personal websites and I'm impressed how clean are. And the best is that HTTPS is already provided built-in my default!

I did all the Golang track from (Go Mastery 1&2, Social Media Backend Server and Go Interview prep). I worked on it on and off and it took me a month. I must admit that the lessons and exercises are well designed and provide pointers to very interesting resources (Do you know what happen when you write to a closed channel?). Next one: Golang track on

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