How can I convince my friends to switch to signal?


@joel @AlexAlzate Tell them the emojis in their current apps brianwash people into joining Bill Gates' farming cult. 🤔

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@syscrash @joel @AlexAlzate I guess ya didn't hear about the "shadiness" where Signal implemented a #government friendly #cryptocurrency into it behind everyone's back yet? It's called #MobileCoin and #TheHatedOne did a great video where you can learn more about this betrayal here

On, we find:
"At MobileCoin, we believe governments have a legitimate interest in regulating the economic lives of their citizens."

@jahway603 Even so, I still think that signal is one of the best options to communicate with people who have no idea about technology.

@AlexAlzate @jahway603 I was just being stupid. 🤷‍♂️
I text with the stock android app. The three people I text don't care about any of it. 🤷‍♂️

@syscrash you were not being stupid. on the contrary, you were telling the truth, over the years emoticons were changed to make the applications more addictive. this is the world we live in.

@AlexAlzate before #SignalMessenger existed, there were two separate apps - one for encrypted SMS/MMS & the other for encrypted calls. The #SignalProtocol is good, but this implementation is crap with centralized servers and you can never have your own server.

That separate encrypted text app was maintained. I use it for 1-on-1 texting with friends. It does not send any data to the Signal servers and is just between you and that person. The link is here

@jahway603 I had never stopped to think about what was used before signal, an obvious mistake on my part.

is the app for encrypted calls still being maintained, do you have the link?

Thanks for the info.

@jahway603 It seems that it is no longer available, a pity, I wanted to try it.

@AlexAlzate yeah, it use to be available here

Maybe if we lucky someone on #fedi have the last published #RedPhone code repos saved & can share them somehow.

#AskFedi #AskFediverse

@jahway603 @AlexAlzate I'd like to mention that SMS is not just "between you and that person" but also the cell towers which transmit your messages. Also there wouldn't be the many metadata protection features Signal has to offer.

@AlexAlzate @jahway603 My problem is that if I were to pick an option to recommend to friends/family now it would probably be Signal, but it's far from ideal.

They're all on WhatsApp now, and I doubt I'd get them+all their contacts to switch.

And once e.g. Element/Signal/Briar turns out to be the best option somewhere in the future:
a) I'd have to convince my mom to switch *again*, and
b) she would have to juggle 3 messaging apps to stay in touch with all her contacts...

@tubul @AlexAlzate you can also use Matrix protocol to bridge a room that would be connected to WhatsApp or Signal & then no one has to switch and you don't have to use these services directly.

@Wyndix if you really "believe governments have a legitimate interest in regulating the economic lives of their citizens" & you also don't care that #Signal company, which claims to be #transparent, stopped releasing public code updates for a year so they could add this #MobileCoin crap behind their user's backs, then keep using their product while I continue educating people on this BS compromised platform.

@syscrash @joel @AlexAlzate

@jahway603 @Wyndix @syscrash @AlexAlzate you have no proof of it being compromised. In fact, there is proof of Signal being unable to provide metadata or decrypted messages.ñ even after the government asked them for it

@joel it's compromised on trust & implementation factors, not the tech. I do not trust them after this #MobileCoin fiasco.

Let me be clear that I actually do use the #SignalProtocol, which is a great protocol, when I send 1-on-1 SMS/MMS using the #Silence app on @fdroidorg. This app is still using the protocol without sending any data to this trust-compromising company.

@Wyndix @syscrash @AlexAlzate

@jahway603 @joel @fdroidorg @syscrash @AlexAlzate I don't think that's how it works

MobileCoin may not be perfect, but it's fitting for Signal's purpose. It is definitely an upgrade from WhatsApp's implementation. But Monero, as cool as it is, it's simply not an option for Signal. If I want to send money to my friend, I want the transaction to be done instantly. Not just send it and having to wait two to five minutes

But perhaps that's exactly why payments are disabled by default :p

@Wyndix you didn't watch the video ( which explains that a bunch of these MobileCoins were pre-sold or pre-mined, that you need to be on their "special list" to mine it, that you need already backdoored expensive (& now deprecated) Intel SGX hardware to mine it... And that they removed the progovernment statement on their coin's site

@joel @fdroidorg @syscrash @AlexAlzate

@jahway603 I did watch the video and I disagree with it. Many people also ate GIFs and Stickers. It's simple, if you don't like it, don't use it. You can even fork the app and remove payments if you want (regardless of them being already disabled by default), that's just why FLOSS exists. If Signal can't use MobileCoin, then what can it use?

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