Do you use cat or bat when you want to look at a text file?

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@syscrash bat requires rust. cat is tried and true, and it's part of gnu coreutils. use cat, not bat.

@kenos @james they say less is more, but they are two completely different programs.

@syscrash @kenos @james

I just realized it is very hard to search for it considering the name 😅 so here is some good info:

Most was my goto for many many years until I met bat

@james @syscrash There's a lot of "it's old thus difficult to work with" statements flying around, it's really wrong.

I've never heard of `bat`, and my god it looks awful... where's the simplicity!? I've got to install Rust, http-parser, libgit2 just to get the thing to run and then it goes and prints line numbers and syntax highlights!? I don't want that, I just want a tool to pipe into over tools directly without further command switches.
bat may be good for some cases, but it is NOT a replacement for cat

That is all. Good day.
@james @syscrash I was maybe a bit mean there, it isn't awful as such, I just don't see the point in it. YMMV

for what `bat` can do I may as well use `vim` and get more functionality. `cat` is simple and elegant, it doesn't need anything else.

@syscrash always less, since it's has like strictly more features than cat

@syscrash please stop abusing furry animals just to look at a text file. Use the program designed for it: less, the better version of more

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