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Join the guys as they sit down with @peterzaitsev , CEO of @Percona to discuss , licensing, and what it means to have in a focused world! !

Join the guys as they sit down with @peterzaitsev , CEO of @Percona to discuss , licensing, and what it means to have in a focused world! !

Join hosts @itguyeric and @dbrandonjohnson for our 21st episode. This week, we'll be interviewing @PeterZaitsev of @Percona about , , and . You won't want to miss it! Go get subscribed at today!

If you haven't yet, you really need to check out last week's episode of @destinationlinuxnetwork ! Episode 215 looks at the relationship of and . Can we have one without the other or is it more symbiotic? Tune in to find out.

Dustin AKA @bashfulrobot joins the guys to talk about his journey from warehouse worker to cloud engineer. Catch his thoughts on why people, not technology, are the keys to a successful business and career!

Join @dbrandonjohnson and @itguyeric as they sit down with @mist_io co-founder Chris Psaltis @cpsaltis as we discuss the Mist Manager and the spectrum of cloud providers. Its an interview you won't want to miss! @destinationlinuxnetwork

Tomorrow is an episode you won't want to miss! Want a hint? . Need another? @mist_io . No? Still need a hint? @cpsaltis . Still don't know what tomorrow's show will bring?'ll just have to tune it. It'll be a great one!

Since the show's launch, we've present in the mainstream content providers but have also endeavored to be present on all of the federated, platforms as well. Check out @DestLinuxPod episode 210 "The Fediverse" to see what all the buzz is about.

Our first episode of the new year will cover Home Labs. While you're getting warm by the fire, anxiously awaiting its release, go check out this article from the @opensourceway about choosing a wireless protocol for home automation! @linuxovens

As we ramp up for our long-awaited Home Labs episode, @opensourceway published an article about 5 alternatives to GitHub. Since source code management is an important factor in any environment, this is a great place to start!

This just in! Check out our interview with @philippe_humeau founder of @Crowd_Security We discuss community-driven security, reputation-based IP engines, and how together we can achieve digital herd-immunity.

We need your help to grow the show! Please take a moment to leave us a review. With just a few moments of your time, we can help companies, teams, and folks just like you rethink how they do work for a fuller life! @destinationlinuxnetwork

If you’re excited about , we recommend @Xonotic. It’s a lot of fun AND as an added bonus, there is a @DestinationLinux hosted server available! Go check it out today:

ne of our hosts, @itguyeric, was recently featured in an article on @FrontPageLinux in the 24th edition of @linux_plus_plus Go check out his love of , distro preferences, as well as a ton of community news!

Hard to believe, but we're 3 months old today! We have released 7 episodes and have nearly 14,000 views. Thank you to @itguyeric , @dbrandonjohnson , @DestinationLinux , and most of all to each of you! Here is to many, many more! @unsplash

All right all you lovers out there, the Sudo Show is now available on Amazon Music! Just one more place for all of your Enterprise Open Source needs! @DestinationLinux

Join now! Head over to to get the conference link for our first ever Ask Me Anything event! Destination Linux Network

EPISODE 7...INCOMING! The guys have their first live interview featuring Greg Myers of @gitlab. See what it means to be an application for the entire pipeline and what its like to work for a company that believes EVERYTHING should be .

Happy first birthday to the Destination Linux Network! Sudo Show is very proud to be apart of a network of passionate hosts, contributors, and community members. @DestinationLinux

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