Tomorrow marks the start of the @linuxappsummit ! Check out amazing sessions talking about and development. Best of all, its three days of jam-packed sessions for free!

Tomorrow is the start of the @Percona 2-day ! Its not to late to register. Go check out the agenda. Its , , and oh my!

Episode Rewind: Episode's 8 and 9 featured our first ever Ask Me Anything episode! We have people from all over hop on and ask questions about and . In fact, Episode 9 included a deep dive into storage solutions like Stratus.

Our sponsor, , recently published a that discusses why the first line of defense for any organization are its employees. Look at how password management can help in that defense!

Interested in the project? Well, @destinationlinuxnetwork just interviewed Neal Gompa. Also covered was the recent bans in the kernel project, news, tips, and so much more! Go check out this jam packed episode:

Looking for a lightweight distro for your VM or small PC? Check out 's new blog! See which distro is right for your needs with this in-depth overview, complete with brackets!

The next Sudo Hangouts has officially been scheduled! Join us on May 26th at 1700UTC (1:00PM EDT). Go to to get all the details. It'll be a great time to chat with fellow technologists.

In this week's edition, we are joined by to discuss how their tool ensures the integrity and fitness of your data right in your application stream!

The @destinationlinuxnetwork swag store has been completely overhauled! There are a ton of new products for all your nerd-wear needs! sudo get swag:

Join us in just a few hours, 21:00UTC, for our first ever Sudo Hangout! No agenda, no slides, just hang out with our hosts, @itguyeric and @dbrandonjohnson, and meet fellow technologists from all over the globe. Get the details at:

More attacks on supply chains keep popping up. Luckily, the project caught the malicious commits within hours of their submission. Check out the full report on @TheNewStack

On April 26th through May 3rd, join the team over at @jitsinews for a focused on education. Influence and help build new features that will provide an option to the web conferencing arena.

We're delivering another episode of goodness right to your podcast player! Hear @itguyeric and @EmilyOmier talk about the importance or positioning your project.

Want to implement that cool signage idea floating around in the back of your head? @CubicleNate has an awesome walk through on @FrontPageLinux on how to deploy @Screenly on a Raspberry Pi!

The Sudo Show is a proud member of the Destination Linux Network! @DestLinuxPod is a media network powered by , , and a crew of passionate technologists! Get a good look at news, technology, gaming, and learning over at !

INCOMING...New episode of our off the port bow. Join the guys as they chat with @tidelift, a company that LOVES so much they help developers navigate the security and licensing web for their projects. They even pay those developers!

In our Episode Rewind, @itguyeric and @dbrandonjohnson shared how they got started in , discussed why they chose a career in , and how to get started in the community! Check it out:

On next week's episode, we feature all amazing work of @Tidelift . See how this amazing lovin' company helps promote open source, fund developers, and improve the lives of developers everywhere. Stay tuned!

We started publishing content almost a year ago. Our first we defined what is, the major players are, and set out to help businesses and technologists find their next step in our crazy, , powered world!

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