Join @dbrandonjohnson and @itguyeric as they sit down with @mist_io co-founder Chris Psaltis @cpsaltis as we discuss the Mist Manager and the spectrum of cloud providers. Its an interview you won't want to miss! @destinationlinuxnetwork

Tomorrow is an episode you won't want to miss! Want a hint? . Need another? @mist_io . No? Still need a hint? @cpsaltis . Still don't know what tomorrow's show will bring?'ll just have to tune it. It'll be a great one!

Our very own IT Guy tells you what you need to know about the new Sudo bug announcement and what you need to do to protect your *nix systems from it.

You've got new ! Tune into episode 17 where @dbrandonjohnson and @itguyeric discuss the various elements of cloud architecture - hybrid, multi, and even ! Then listen on for our tips for better remote meetings! @destinationlinuxnetwork

Congratulations to @ChrisWere for the launch of , a look at gaming on ! Now at least we can say we aren't the newest show on the @DestinationLinux Network! 😉 Go check out Episode 1 available now:

We want to wish our fellow pod-casters over at @DestinationLinux for releasing their 200TH EPISODE! Sincere congratulations and here is to 200 more!

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We talk a LOT about @ansible on our show. @opensourceway published an amazing article about "10 Ansible Modules for Linux System Automation". Go give it a read!

Being a bi-weekly show makes it hard to cover any news. That's why the Sudo Show loves @ThisWeekinLinux produced every week by @MichaelTunnell Its an awesome look at the world of ! Go subscribe today:

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Bummed you missed the event last week? Not to worry! All the highlights are waiting for your love in your player in Episode 8! See our thoughts on certifications, hardware, and much much more.

Hard to believe, but we're 3 months old today! We have released 7 episodes and have nearly 14,000 views. Thank you to @itguyeric , @dbrandonjohnson , @DestinationLinux , and most of all to each of you! Here is to many, many more! @unsplash

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Sudo Show Episode 06: Elements of Cloud Native has landed in a podcast player near you! Tune in to hear the guys continue their discussion around Cloud Native Architecture. They cover how applications have evolved in a cloud native world, a bit of history, and how this radical transformation has made application management easier than ever. @DestinationLinux

In episode 5, we took a look at -io, an management platform! Our hosts were really excited to kick the tires. Spin it up today and let us know what you think. @DestinationLinux

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