Episode Rewind: Git to the Ops (Episode 12) @itguyeric and @dbrandonjohnson get in deep on GitOps: a methodology to use git, automation, and agile development techniques to increase the speed and reliability of your infrastructure!

Our community contributors have delivered yet another amazing article over at @frontpagelinux : Do you have to deal with Windows 10 and wish you could virtualize that beast? Follow this step-by-step guide utilizing and frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/h

Episode Rewind: Episode 11 featured @Kernellinux and extended our conversation on how to manage desktops at scale, how to migrate to Linux desktops, and much more! sudo.show/11

Just one more week until our second Sudo Hangout! Join us on May 26th at 1700UTC (1:00PM EDT). Go to sudo.show/hangout to get all the details. It'll be a great time to chat with fellow technologists.

Have you wanted to get your hands on some Sudo Merch? Now is the time! Our store is running a HUGE sale on just about everything. Get your hats, shirts, mugs at a big discount. Just head over to sudo.show/swag !

Tomorrow marks the start of the @linuxappsummit ! Check out amazing sessions talking about and development. Best of all, its three days of jam-packed sessions for free! linuxappsummit.org

Interested in the project? Well, @destinationlinuxnetwork just interviewed Neal Gompa. Also covered was the recent bans in the kernel project, news, tips, and so much more! Go check out this jam packed episode: youtu.be/LT8pn2WAvck

Looking for a lightweight distro for your VM or small PC? Check out 's new blog! See which distro is right for your needs with this in-depth overview, complete with brackets! frontpagelinux.com/articles/li

The next Sudo Hangouts has officially been scheduled! Join us on May 26th at 1700UTC (1:00PM EDT). Go to sudo.show/hangout to get all the details. It'll be a great time to chat with fellow technologists.

The @destinationlinuxnetwork swag store has been completely overhauled! There are a ton of new products for all your nerd-wear needs! sudo get swag: sudo.show/swag

We're delivering another episode of goodness right to your podcast player! Hear @itguyeric and @EmilyOmier talk about the importance or positioning your project. sudo.show/23

Its not to late to submit your talk to 2021! The all virtual event is looking for speakers with experience from "beginner to neckbeard"! So, get to it! southeastlinuxfest.org/?p=1848

One of the biggest tech events of the year is coming up! In two weeks, @redhat will be hosting their Summit. Get registered to hear industry leaders talk about the direction of and see what's new in ! redhat.com/en/summit

Join @mattdln and @jill_linuxgirl on the latest episode of , the @destinationlinuxnetwork that takes you into the world of gaming with a twist. gamesphere.show/11

The Sudo Show is a proud member of the Destination Linux Network! @DestLinuxPod is a media network powered by , , and a crew of passionate technologists! Get a good look at news, technology, gaming, and learning over at destinationlinux.network !

Episode Rewind: Brandon and Eric hung out and talked all things . Automation is one of the foundational skills necessary for any to survive in the industry today. Check out some of the tools the recommend to get started: sudo.show/3

In our Episode Rewind, @itguyeric and @dbrandonjohnson shared how they got started in , discussed why they chose a career in , and how to get started in the community! Check it out: sudo.show/2

Did you know that every episode has its own discussion thread? You can stream the episode and add your thoughts to the conversation on the @destlinuxpod @discourse! We even made a super-cool link to make it easy to find sudo.show/discuss

Join the guys as they sit down with @peterzaitsev , CEO of @Percona to discuss , licensing, and what it means to have in a focused world! sudo.show/21 !

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