EPISODE 7...INCOMING! The guys have their first live interview featuring Greg Myers of @gitlab. See what it means to be an application for the entire pipeline and what its like to work for a company that believes EVERYTHING should be . sudo.show/7

One of our recommended readings is The Handbook. Learn all about the Three Ways and "how to create world-class agility, reliability, and security in technology organizations". Get your copy today! amzn.to/30AaRWE

Episode 3: DevOps and Automation has been unleashed for your listening pleasure. @itguyeric has finished the big move, so, he and @dbrandonjohnson sit down to talk about how and can help you sleep better! Check it out: buff.ly/2WFquLA

The Sudo Show is an upcoming from @DestinationLinux built around , , and . We will be your place for all things Enterprise Open Source. Tune in tomorrow for all the details!


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