Episode 2: Starting with Open Source is now live! @dbrandonjohnson and @itguyeric review some audience feedback, discuss the value of the community, how to get connected, and tips to start contributing to your favorite projects. Check it out now at sudo.show/2

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It was awesome to get to sit down with Rocco, AKA @BigDaddyLinux, catch up, and talk about the open source community! Check out this episode of #LinuxSpotlight Ep55! youtu.be/nACgrzKIze8

The numbers for Episode 1 are mind blowing. THANK YOU to everyone for tuning in! More great content is on the way, this Thursday in fact! See you then.

From all of us at the Sudo Show , have an awesome Independence Day weekend! To the best you can, set aside work and remember to spend some quality time with your loved ones!

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@sudoshow, Go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are at it! We'll be publishing fun bonuses and vlogs like this one from time to time! youtube.com/channel/UCBH28iYTn

Feel like 2 weeks is a long time between episodes? So do we! Whlie @dbrandonjohnson and @itguyeric are hard at work on episode 2, we wanted to share a fun session that our hosts put together as a practice run. Check out their review of Picard, Season 1! buff.ly/2VCTl2A

Prefer to view your content on an platform? We have you covered! You can subscribe to @DestinationLinux over on @lbry ! All our content and so much more will be there waiting for you. buff.ly/3ilB7w0

Great news! We have finished the approval process with Apple podcasts! So, if you use iTunes, OverCast, or other Apple-integrated catchers, you can now get the Sudo Show every other Thursday!

Episode 1 is live! Meet our hosts and get a look at what exactly is Enterprise Open Source. Head on over to YouTube or your favorite podcast catcher and listen now! @DestinationLinux sudo.show/1

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Oh man, I am sold on @matrix . I just listened to the #asknoahshow Episode 186 Matrix Madness. I love the goals of the project and features they are offering. podcast.asknoahshow.com/186

Soon, .im will have a new name and branding. Keep your eyes peeled! We believe it’s one of the best ways to interact with t.co/fbcUthF30J

We aren't just an audio podcast! You can subscribe to the @DestinationLinux YouTube channel to receive all of the network's shows! Grab the Sudo Show playlist here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZL

Our show has elected @matrixdotorg to build our community! Its , encrypted, and feature-rich. Go check out their website at matrix.org and join our channel matrix.to/#/#sudoshow:matrix.o

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‪Tonight, working on the script for @sudoshowpodcast Episode 1 and listening to the #Halo3 soundtrack! #podcast #opensource #linux #nerd

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The Sudo Show is an upcoming launching on the @DestLinuxPod@twitter.com network 1 week from today!


@SudoShowpodcast@twitter.com is built around , , and . It will be your place for all things Enterprise Open Source.

MP3s: sudo.show

The Sudo Show is an upcoming from @DestinationLinux built around , , and . We will be your place for all things Enterprise Open Source. Tune in tomorrow for all the details!

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I am so excited to announce that the IT Guy is a go! I have partnered with @DestinationLinux ! I'll be working with @frontpagelinux and hosting the @sudoshow ! Get the full details here: youtu.be/vpr8mUOnhYI #linux #podcast #opensource

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Episode 177 of has dropped! In this episode we talk about our Favorite Linux like laptops, GPUs, CPUs, keyboards, mice, and more!

We also talk about 5.7, with @ShellShockLive@twitter.com and we've got our !



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