Just 30 days until a 3-week for @awscloud Go check out talks, training, certifications, and amazing keynotes! Go sign up today for an immersive look at the future of technology. buff.ly/QMDtzB @AWSreInvent

Being a bi-weekly show makes it hard to cover any news. That's why the Sudo Show loves @ThisWeekinLinux produced every week by @MichaelTunnell Its an awesome look at the world of ! Go subscribe today: buff.ly/3jz7ZRh

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@MichaelTunnell just reviewed the #ThelioMega from #system76 ! This is an amazing looking workstation. I think I may just need one for myself. What do you think, @frontpagelinux ? buff.ly/3dZhlF3

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Our shows are only part of the experience! Join us on in the Sudo Show room! Need help getting started? No problem, @itguyeric put together a guide to get you started. Check it out: buff.ly/2YIt04A @frontpagelinux

Our shows are only part of the experience! Join us on in the Sudo Show room! Need help getting started? No problem, @itguyeric put together a guide to get you started. Check it out: buff.ly/2YIt04A @frontpagelinux

Looking to escalate your merch game? Get it? Sudo, escalate? Never mind...We have a new store front! You can now go to sudo.show/merch to grab stickers, mugs, and t-shirts while supporting the show and increasing your nerd cred. Grab your Sudo Show today!

We discuss @ansible a LOT on our . It is an amazing tool. It has uses in the systems and networking space for sure, but did you know it could also work to automate security? Check out this free e-book from @redhat to learn more! buff.ly/2J8XdF5

Fedora is switching out for in their upcoming release. @frontpagelinux published an article about "The Many Faces of the Linux File System". Take a look at all the different options here: frontpagelinux.com/articles/th

If you’re excited about , we recommend @Xonotic. It’s a lot of fun AND as an added bonus, there is a @DestinationLinux hosted server available! Go check it out today: buff.ly/2TjjUIw

Hey, Sudoers, we've launched our own @Patreon page. Your donations will help grow and improve the show! Rewards currently include access to unedited episodes and access to our live recording sessions (coming soon)! Head on over today: patreon.com/sudoshow

We are so excited for 2020! Its 4 short weeks away. Go check out the lineup for topics from CoreDNS, Helm, Jaeger, Rook, and many, many more. It'll be a great time! buff.ly/2YVyOs4 @cncf

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As someone who is way too dependent on his proprietary #iPhone, I am really excited by all the work going on at @Pine64! Check out this video on @frontpagelinux about the #PinePhone by @MichaelTunnell buff.ly/3k8dp73

Today it was announced that the @OpenStack Foundation is now the Open Infrastructure Foundation! Go check out the news and all the awesome sessions during the virtual 2020! buff.ly/3lZP43Q

Hey hey, its Thursday! You know what that means? @itguyeric and @dbrandonjohnson just dropped some more knowledge for you! In this week's episode we look at how to migrate from proprietary desktops to open source! sudo.show/10 @DestinationLinux

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AnsibleFest 2020 is FINALLY Here!! Yay! Hurry over and take a peak:

Thats right, the video we promised is live! Join @dbrandonjohnson as he leads you on a short overview of the Community Edition. Check out his walk through of provisioning and managing and @digitalocean assets!

1 Week until the Open Infrastructure Summit hosted by @OpenStack! You won't want to miss the keynote Zuul at Volvo Cars: "The journey through regression CI with broken masters is vague memory from the past. To not merge broken code is a game changer"! openstack.org/summit/2020/summ

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I am looking forward to the Open Infrastructure Summit hosted by @OpenStack
just over a week away! Check out content around Open vSwitch, OPNFV, Kubernetes, and more! buff.ly/3d1psAh

Get stickers for all your favorite @DestLinuxPod shows! Put them on your laptop, your car, your mirror...your face, anywhere you can think to put them! buff.ly/3ny6G8z

After our AMA was done, a small group of intrepid technologists stuck around to discuss storage! Check out our bonus episode about SAN, Gluster, and Ceph from our very own @dbrandonjohnson!

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