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finally running after about a year of not using it man its waaayy better

It will be a simple quick upgrade I said. 5 hours later, im freaking famished.

Ok, Subway Tooter for Android supports multiple instances!!, So far it seems to allow you access to all of the Mastodon functionality. You have to add the columns for additional feeds, like Local and Federated, but once they are there you can side scroll through all of them. This is now my goto becasue of the multi account support. Hope to see what Tusky comes up with though.

So, it turns out today I am a lumberjack. That was rough.

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Mastodon newbie protip: don't click the "remote follow" button. Just copy the user's URL and paste it into the search bar of your home instance, then click the follow button (the little icon of a person with a "+" on it).

Not only is "remote follow" slower and more awkward; it's a potential security risk, because a malicious instance could trick you into giving them your password (if you're not paying attention to the URL bar).

BTW, the best Android app that I know of is Tusky.

Did you guys use enough servers to keep this woolly mammoth alive past 5000 users?


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...