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Highlights of Boris Johnson's dinner speech:

• The UK's penal justice system is emulating Saudi Arabia's and that is a good thing
• The private sector should be the only ones trusted with developing public healthcare solutions, fuck the NHS
• Sucking the cocks of big bankers in the City of London is the only way to create wealth

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If you wish to opt-out from the general chat surveillance adopted in the EU, you'll have to host yourself or under your control...

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*opens newspaper*

*reads exactly one article*

well, thanks, now i'm thoroughly depressed

*makes hat out of news paper*

there, that's better

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I know I've mentioned this before but tut really is awesome. Such a good terminal fediverse client. Some of the new features are great too like if a toot has links in it there is a shortcut to yank the URL into the clipboard.

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#Gembro makes browsing #Gemini sites a really nice experience :comfy:

If you already have the Go toolchain set up, you can install it with

go install

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Heads up for the fediverse folks: Future of Privacy Forum is a privacy-washing operation funded by Facebook.

Do not trust on privacy. Do not legitimise.

#privacy #privacyWashing #surveillanceCapitalism #institutionalCorruption

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Smol Pub is a tiny blogging service.

- Web interface and CLI to manage your posts.
- Accessible from Web, Gemini and Gopher.
- Storage for your images.
- Write custom CSS for web.
- Attach your custom domain with SSL.
- Export your posts.
- No JavaScript, ads, or tracking technology.

#SmallNet #Blogging #Gemini #Gopher

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“Came to a bar to have a nice beer, like any reasonable person would on a Friday. The waitress asked me to order through a QR code which would take my order only if I have a Gmail account. I left and found another bar because: I don’t want to have a beer through my Gmail. Jesus fucking Christ.” – Vjosa Musliu


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Latest video about protecting whats remains of our control over the internet. #fediverse

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If any socialist nation handled covid the way way US did, then the media would be telling us that socialism is an utter failure. Yet, when nearly 700k people die under capitalism we're simply supposed to accept that nothing better was possible.

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Took some birb pics while I was sitting in the garden ^.^

Nikon Z6, Tamron 18-400mm lens, processed in Darktable

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Emacs discusses web-based development workflows [] #emacs

Even Drew participated in the discussion. Many (including rms) are tilted towards running Sourcehut with GNU infrastructure.

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Story of Truecrypt

If you remember last decade, you probably remember an enigmatic disk encryption utility Truecrypt. Some strange design choices, an eventual Linux port, a wealth of unheard of features and rather paranoid design features, as well as an unusual license that didn't play nice with Free software norms.

Its developers remained pseudonymous, something not so unusual back then, and didn't interact much except developing Truecrypt.

And then one day the music stopped. A warning noting that the program had flaws, to updated to the latest decrypt only, and migrate data was given that immediately threw off red flags. It was a very obvious sign to do something else with data.

Truecrypt was survived by its volume container format TCRYPT. The program was forked into a few other viable projects including the even more paranoid Veracrypt. Entirely Free software implementations such as tcplay sprung up for operating TCRYPT partitions.

Eventually, after many years, cryptsetup, the mainstream linux encrypted volume support added support for TCRYPT volumes. Truecrypt might be dead and buried, but its container format, with all its features live on.

So why was Truecrypt? As we later came to know, the creator of Truecrypt was unmasked as a mid-level drug trafficker. No better inspiration for writing decent security as if your data is actually at risk. Did the hidden volume actually work? We don't know. But we do know he flipped states witness.

We also know after he flipped, as soon as he was released from prison, he updated Truecrypt telling everyone to abandon the project. He might have given up drug dealers, but he didn't sell out the FOSS community.(also now, cannabis is legal)

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Say what you will about Linux

I don't have advertisements in my file browser

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I ran through a windows new account setup process back in 2020 after decades of not using windows and nearly had a panic attack.

I kept thinking "Is this how people expect to be treated now?" I couldn't believe the mistreatment by their computers that people have come to expect.

All the choices were bad choices, akin to that scene from Ghostbusters where they must choose the form of their Destructor. Windows is tryna be that terrifying Marsmallow Man I think 🤷

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