ToneHack starts a weekly challenger run through as a vampire. In this you can see just how important it is to know about the window locations on the map, because how the streaming sunlight cuts burning swathes across the hotel environment.

Tone explains the decision process and the ramifications on play of this build.

If you fancy playing a like but don't know where to start I can heartily recommend Ic0nGaming's tutorial series (even if you only follow the 'how to start out' video. It will give you a good grounding in the things to watch out for and the essential key commands to get playing.

Procedurally generated dungeon adventuring available to everyone

I'm liking the look of Relic Space a purporting to be a combo of space combat and turn based combat, whilst managing factions & missions collecting relics from the galaxy.

It's developed by the same team who made (the groovey aliens/space marine roguelike)

I really appreciate what is being done here with the "Not actually a DOS game"

Modernising & making ASCII adventuring more accessible - but my age is showing and I struggle with the non-standard keybindings and the mixed use of keys & mice in the menus.

Its very well put together and from what I've played a nice coffee-break romp, worth supporting, but I'd love it more if the bindings could be customised.

Works on too! \o/

@uoou watching the recent , I'm not a keyboard guru, I have a ten key less Red Dragon mechanical keyboard, & wondered how you cope with playing with your compact Unicom keyboard. I had to buy a numpad version of the Red Dragon to play Qud because 8 way movement seems to be essential.

A note to remember that the is happening this weekend 16th/17th

An annual gathering of the community including talks and presentations from many of the of your favourite .

Really good here, 8 short-ish videos that show you exactly how to play the game & gives you a to good habits when playing.

Big Simple's guides & playthroughs have become compelling viewing.

@uoou sending a video love letter about

The stylised but functional presentation & the deep lore encourages you to layer your imagination around its framework & makes the world as fascinating as you can muster. The true power of traditional roguelikes.

Qud does it so well and in a world that is crafted and generated almost infinite replayability.

Plus it works well with

watch, be encouraged & play

If you don't know where to start, here are a few interesting (7-Day Roguelike Challenge) entries for 2021 from well known devs (play in browser) (play in browser) (requires a download) (play in browser)

The challenge entries are up on for perusal. Each year the quality level and the variety of unique ideas on the roguelike genre is a marvel to behold..

Many run in web browsers and support

Really enjoyed @uoou & @HexDSL foray into video - guiding the player through the 1st hour.

It gives you all you need to start exploring & completing the early quests.

Joppa is a great start zone, because you can loot (behind closed doors) the few chests in town to start off with some kit (often a few artifacts to hand in to Argyve).

Old (2018), out of date but I attempted a quick guide myself. I went Mutant.

This preview of the 2020 celebration slipped out at the end of last month and is worth a watch to see tasters for the talks/presentations to come in the main event.

Warning cool stuff discussions ahead.

The main event is in October

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