A mature fellow, with a hankering for control over my own computing.

For a reliable, lightweight distro with all functionality exposed into an accessible way, from desktop to custom window managed power setup - I've found caters for my needs. Including my eternal obsession

Simplicity, Choice, Freedom and Control - along with Ethical, Sustainable, Private & Secure computing for all!

Also, works fine (for me) under with and there are demos out there. \o/

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I really appreciate what is being done here with the "Not actually a DOS game"

Modernising & making ASCII adventuring more accessible - but my age is showing and I struggle with the non-standard keybindings and the mixed use of keys & mice in the menus.

Its very well put together and from what I've played a nice coffee-break romp, worth supporting, but I'd love it more if the bindings could be customised.


Works on too! \o/

Stepping away from as primary terminal file manager and moving towards using in to get it done.

@uoou sending a video love letter about

The stylised but functional presentation & the deep lore encourages you to layer your imagination around its framework & makes the world as fascinating as you can muster. The true power of traditional roguelikes.

Qud does it so well and in a world that is crafted and generated almost infinite replayability.

Plus it works well with

watch, be encouraged & play


The challenge entries are up on itch.io for perusal. Each year the quality level and the variety of unique ideas on the roguelike genre is a marvel to behold..


Many run in web browsers and support

I totally agree with @uoou on his latest video at @HexDSL channel.


I enjoy the escapism & immersion of always have. But on multiple platforms ( PC & consoles) I have accumulated a LOT of titles. Often during holidays, I revel in my unrestricted playtime.

As my holiday dwindles the pressure intensifies to pick the "right title" to throw my time into.

Often I waste that time with bad short plays & disatisfaction.

Too much choice, mood not fitting genre.

Enjoying the odd session with recently, they have a very engaging client even the Windows client works well in under .


It's refreshing to be back in Multi-User Dungeons and just enjoying the ride, without having to constantly assess whether I want to put anymore time into it, or go back to the eternal mudquest for another place to be.

Accessible tutorial, a fair amount of players, understandable mechanics. :thumbsup_hmn_g1:

@HexDSL does a thoughtful roundup of his week of vids, playing a lot of on


Some others worth looking at Harebrained Schemes series, Supergiants , Spiders , Zeboyd Games , , , , , , , , @silverspookgames

not forgetting the currently in development Trese Brothers

Today is the day, I've been waiting for so long, the space exploration finally escapes the publishers prison of 5 years and is released out onto the world via Steam.


It's got a new lick of paint and several systems have been shined up.

If you like and/or you might want to consider this

Works fine under with

The 7-day challenge 2020 is now coming to a close for most . But have a look-see at the free (s) on offer!


There is a lot of good quality on show this year. Well worth investigating if you like short challenging titles with often unique and novel mechanics pushing the accepted RL envelope.

Taste what is possible.

Many of the titles will run on or are web based.

The did a Ask Me Anything about Star Traders Frontiers & their upcoming CyberKnights Flashpoint (CKF).


Asked about support ...

"Yes, Linux support is something we feel strongly about. All of our past Steam games have had native Linux support from day one and we're going to keep that up with CKF. Linux is included in the alpha phase, so its a full citizen around here"

One of a favourite developers the Trese Brothers are due to kickstart their new title on February 3rd. A followup or successor to their mobile Cyber Knights game.

Cyber Knights Flashpoint

Looking forward to seeing how this one develops if it has the depth & design of Star Traders Frontiers we're in for a real treat.

Being developed for Windows,Mac and .

So I'm almost there putting together a Photo Slideshow on DVD using a combination of Imagination & DVD Styler software.

Imagination allows you to build the slideshow, with transitions, zooms & a custom soundtrack, then you can export it to a VOB file.

DVD Styler lets you build a Menu frontend which you can attach your VOB file & then you can burn it to DVD.

Just need some tweaks in transitioning & music timing and work out the aspect ratio for PAL.

Spooky Door in the Woods is out now on

I can confirm it works on via (at least on my setup). Although the dev said there was a Linux version in the works.


So, the vibe at the moment.. I'm in love with Death Stranding, I don't want it to end. I'm bewitched by Remnant of the Ashes, but I am dire at it. I've just bought Bus Simulator. Speechless. And as long as I can get Disco Elysium to work on my setup I'll be knee deep in that soon, because I am a disco mother!

I just can't encapsulate the current vibe at the moment, because everything is weird. And I like it.

I'm all up for this by the
designer/developer who coded Advanced Tactics & the Decisive Campaigns series.

Shadow Empire


Looks to be bridging the gap between $X & Wargames. Looking forward to it. Hoping it will run somehow on . But the DC series chokes on Proton. :(

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