@HexDSL Responding to your latest vid "Do you re-buy games for dubious reasons?"


Yep. Definitely.

I tend to dip around & genres a lot and my biggest worry is that I lose access to a game. Whether that be - the platform is superceded, or my console breaks, or I'm away from my normal gaming environment. If I really like a & I'm likely to go back to it, I NEED to make sure I can still play it. I've also bought multiples just to support the dev.

A note to remember that the is happening this weekend 16th/17th


An annual gathering of the community including talks and presentations from many of the of your favourite .

If you don't know where to start, here are a few interesting (7-Day Roguelike Challenge) entries for 2021 from well known devs

st33d.itch.io/cardinal-ramship (play in browser)
tinytouchtales.itch.io/idolkni (play in browser)
jmlait.itch.io/rogue-impact (requires a download)
slash.itch.io/rainy-day (play in browser)

@HexDSL does a thoughtful roundup of his week of vids, playing a lot of on


Some others worth looking at Harebrained Schemes series, Supergiants , Spiders , Zeboyd Games , , , , , , , , @silverspookgames

not forgetting the currently in development Trese Brothers

This preview of the 2020 celebration slipped out at the end of last month and is worth a watch to see tasters for the talks/presentations to come in the main event.



Warning cool stuff discussions ahead.

The main event is in October

I have a account that tries to retweet and follow and alike. This week is very important in the RL calender because it is the 7 Day RogueLike challenge , where hundreds of create genre/envelope pushing new takes on the traditional roguelike.

Here is the link to the feed


Showcasing much of what is out there and their development updates. Along with more established devs and their games.

Why is it that my wandering eye for playing is always unsettled & directionless unless I see someone else play something? Then it becomes ultra focussed and excited to play THAT specific game!

It's like I have to be encouraged by unrequieted participation in a game experience with someone else, even if I don't know or have to contact them.

It's just plain odd.

I'm an easily encouraged co-operative gamer who plays mostly solo using someone else's enthusiasm to fuel mine.