Stepping away from as primary terminal file manager and moving towards using in to get it done.

System Crafters lay out the 5 reasons for learning in 2021.

Looks like a comprehensive reference channel for configuration and other system tools/utilities.

Props to Irreal's blog for pointing me in this direction.

Day 3 of my challenge and I just couldn't stop myself from gushing over in

It really did change my life, for the better.

The deeper you dig into the cooler it gets.

It takes a while to assimilate all that is possible, then you find another tunnel of opportunity & ingenuity to dig into for weeks.

All this plain text organisational innovation & functionality changes your entire outlook on what is possible with your own data, documenting your own life.

As much as I've grown to appreciate , I wish a lot more editors just supported orgmode as a textual mode out of the box.

Still transforming my , but have managed to successfully get a simple & straightforward method for putting content up and generating static clean pages using my setup with org-static-blog

Now the creative process is distraction free and clean (using minimal orgmode markup) and it seemlessly translates to a functional blog site with archive, tags and a proper feed.

No additional infrastructure needed. Emacs+orgmode+org-static-blog = blog.