I'm wondering if the hacker 'noghead' in the The Ascent, was voiced to sound like Cory Doctorow deliberately.. Because if it was, it's a genius move. Instantly wins your characters trust.. and admiration. You're gonna need nogheads help as you infiltrate the happenings with The Ascent Group and your dealings with yCorp. Better cyberpunk Gaming than 2077 IMHO.

@ChrisWere You might want to watch this deep dive into Deus Ex Human Revolution & its comparison with the original... if you have like 3 & a half hours to spare.

Thorough but amusing in places analysis by


have been playing this called Matrix Overload recently, quite engaging:


themed, played with a 52 deck of cards +2 joker cards.

It's about killing off the 'royals' by placing "program" cards into the "matrix" and causing an code "overload" to frazzle the royal.

Placement is everything!

If you can't place your programs in the matrix, then it becomes an ICE card enhancing the royals health - making it harder for you to win.

If a pixel art stealthy adventure is what you're after, you might want to take a look at

Noisy Pixel reviews the

The stealth mechanic isn't tediously slow, its pacey and you can get into a good rhythm - but it does require some planning and monitoring of patrol paths and keeping an eye out for lethal drones.

Plenty of cybernetic and tactical kit to help you out, but timing might be everything.

The second part of the Indigo Gaming documentary was released the other day. Well worth a watch if you're interested in the genre and not just the latest contentious release.


This one covers the '90s. Looking forward to the upcoming Part 3.

BTW Part 1 is here

@HexDSL does a thoughtful roundup of his week of vids, playing a lot of on


Some others worth looking at Harebrained Schemes series, Supergiants , Spiders , Zeboyd Games , , , , , , , , @silverspookgames

not forgetting the currently in development Trese Brothers

Day 4 of and I attempt to explain why has been a lifelong inspiration/obsession and I fail miserably.


Also, shout out to and all the shadowrunners working that block.

The did a Ask Me Anything about Star Traders Frontiers & their upcoming CyberKnights Flashpoint (CKF).


Asked about support ...

"Yes, Linux support is something we feel strongly about. All of our past Steam games have had native Linux support from day one and we're going to keep that up with CKF. Linux is included in the alpha phase, so its a full citizen around here"

The is open for pledges now!


Got me some future with plenty of replayability.

This could be the new incarnation of we've been drooling for since Harebrained Schemes moved onto Battletech.

One of a favourite developers the Trese Brothers are due to kickstart their new title on February 3rd. A followup or successor to their mobile Cyber Knights game.

Cyber Knights Flashpoint

Looking forward to seeing how this one develops if it has the depth & design of Star Traders Frontiers we're in for a real treat.

Being developed for Windows,Mac and .

is currently on sale 70% on US/EU

It's a retro pixel art turn based with & leanings.


Unique characters, party builds, pixel art cut scenes & a cracking by

Well worth investigating if you like 90's style

Watched again, I absolutely adore this modern tale.


It hits all the right notes, has a suitable near-future augmented world & posits a new dilemma of when AI is integrated into our wetware.

Good setting. Good visuals. Good action sequences. Touches upon

Much more than I expected when I first set out to watch it.