Instead of complaining, or criticizing, create something new! Featuring the soundtrack of SUNSHINE.. composed by John Murphy

@uoou watching the recent , I'm not a keyboard guru, I have a ten key less Red Dragon mechanical keyboard, & wondered how you cope with playing with your compact Unicom keyboard. I had to buy a numpad version of the Red Dragon to play Qud because 8 way movement seems to be essential.

Wildbirds Peacedrums - Fight For Me

Such an anthem that shifts and mutates and haunts in equal measure. A multiverse bohemian rhapsody.

Got my first Thanatos Ark ship in today, where it does the parasitic style "Zombiefication" of other vessels it fires on. Effectively turning them into allies that will relentlessly attack the AI as a mindless horde.

The ship looks cool with its sleek lines & it complements my Parasitic strike fleet that can flank attackers of the Ark and convert more of them to my will.

We will turn the AI against itself!