Today is the day, I've been waiting for so long, the space exploration finally escapes the publishers prison of 5 years and is released out onto the world via Steam.

It's got a new lick of paint and several systems have been shined up.

If you like and/or you might want to consider this

Works fine under with

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@uoou yeah its a winner, I actually bought the original version from the said publishers for $40, had time limited download and phone home DRM code unlock. Would run on Wine, not so much the code unlock.

The developer was stuck in contract for 5 years with no way out. (The dev also made the game The Curse of Yendor - which made it to Steam.)

This year, during the pandemic, publisher offered a way to release the game from the suffocating contract. So it's been a bit of a wait but it's out!

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