wish me luck, off to the Dr to try and convince her that I'm in agony and not just after pain killers.

I somehow took 303 / 5 Gb photos today of I blame having a new* camera

*to me

how do people cope with WiFi. just downloaded a ISO and good god's it's was slow.

yes I live in a 1960s Faraday cage but still

Unemployed, end of week 8, may have to change career path at age 56. Clearance of #chainmail #jewelry continues, got bills to pay. #Necklace, anodized aluminum, byzantine weave, #blue and #green, 18 inch chain with 5 inch by 5 inch web cascade, $55 including USA shipping to paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos or cash.app/$tarlimanjoppos #mastoart #art #maille Please Boost

any Arch users with a AMD Vega GPU?
I'm having issues with power saving
for love nor money will my monitor turn off since moving to team RED from green

You can find browser tabs in KRunner, Plasma's document finder/app runner; send links from your browser to your phone with KDE Connect and control downloads started in your browser from your desktop.

For Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, etc.: chrome.google.com/webstore/det

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where are the cool kids posting photos these days that let me keep my rights to the photos.

a la Flickr before it went crap?

Stop listening to promises that companies will do things right.. Use encryption and open source

RT @mirkopresser@twitter.com

Facebook scraped email contacts of 1.5 million users bbc.co.uk/news/technology-4797

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mirkopresser/statu

After Matrix has restored its major services, they noticed that the GPG keys used for signing packages where compromised.

The key IDs are:

AD0592FE47F0DF61 (synapse)
E019645248E8F4A1 (Riot/Web)

Please make sure to no longer use those keys.

#matrix #Riot #infosec #security

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So I finally got around to setting up #Yunohost on my VPS. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner! The project is top notch and so much more than I thought. Like one click SSL certs from #LetsEncrypt, plus they auto renew. :bongoCat:

It just feels good finally self host some projects I have been looking at for a long time.
Like #Wallabag, #Gitea, & #FreshRSS

Yunohost is definitely worth checking out if you have even a remote interest in self hosting. (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞


I've been blocked from twitter.com/Bd17NHW lol so much for wanting people to join :D it might be because I took the mick out of a letter i got from them saying "to join contact me at 57" no details of what road, street, etc

I'm sad to announce that I've had to close my mailbox.org account as I just wasn't getting all my emails. I reported this issue almost 2 weeks ago and all I got was a "we'll look in to it". so I've opened a mailfence account and the emails have come flooding back in.

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