Anyone else have a situation in Gentoo where Chromium never finishes emerging?

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@someguynamedmatt qtebengine takes time, you should enable the flag "jumbo-build" and experiment with those settings.

@hund Define the normal window for "takes time". During one attempt I waited around 48 hours. This is on a 32gb ram, i7 so I don't think it's necessarily my machine. I wasn't aware of that "jumbo-build" option though so thanks! Still sorta new to Gentoo.

@someguynamedmatt Show me your make.conf. You can paste it on My i5-2500k (8 years old) takes about 1,5-2 hours for qtwebengine.


It _always_ hangs when it's trying to get through the ninja build (V8)

@someguynamedmatt `MAKEOPTS="-j1"` change that to 5 since you have a quad core. How much RAM do you have?

@hund 32gb. I have to dig up my post in the Gentoo forums, but I changed j5 to j1 due to a python dependency compilation bug. Hopefully it’s been fixed and j5 will be okay again. Thanks!

@someguynamedmatt You could have changed it for that package only. :)

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