I wrote a new blog post about my Keyboard layout. I was feeling inspired by @hund.

@sm0g @hund I just can't wrap my head around layouts like yours. To me, it's overcomplicated.

But, to each his own.

It first it is but you get used to it pretty quick. I totally understand though.

@matt @sm0g You usually don't start with something like that. You usually start with something fairly standard and then start tinkering with the features as you go, and you eventually end up with something personal that makes sense for you and your workflow.

@hund @sm0g and that's what I assumed.

Of course, I need my keyboards to be wife and kid friendly. It's bad enough I use Dvorak, lol.

@matt @sm0g You could have a regular layer for them. Perhaps Caps Lock+1 could activate your Dvorak layout (which could also be your default layer) with all your quirky functions and settings. And then let Caps Lock+2 activate a 'standard' layout with Qwerty.

This is what I did with my wife's keyboard since I'm also a Dvorak user.

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