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My follow up post explaining why I chose gopass is now live. Feedback is always welcome.

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After a week of using my de-googled Nexus 6p I've gone and de-googled my OnePlus 5T as well.

Welp, I'm moving instances to Fosstodon, but for some reason I can't move my followers. :(
Anyway, you can find me at @trashcatt from now on.

I've been using Typora to type my markdown blog posts but I'm thinking of switching to neovim with Goyo and zenroom2.

I want to buy a Clueboard because apparently 5 65% keebs isn't enough.

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Hello world!

We're slowly making progress towards our first product. It's a standard 65% PCB with hotswap sockets. It's powered by the open source software QMK and it features a standard ISO-layout to fit as much people as possible.

Our goal is to make custom keyboards easy and available for everyone.


New blog post about my Todo list using todo.txt and Syncthing. Let me know if you have questions or if I'm doing something stupid. :P

Escape from Tarkov has completely tanked my at home productivity. I need to finish like, 4 blog posts. But I'm also trying to get a Tarkov video together so I guess that's something.

I updated my Whitefox keyboard layout. There are still a few things I want to do. Like making an emoji picker. Lol


I think I may be addicted to Escape from Tarkov.

I found this great collection of styles. Seems like a pretty good resource for FOSS photographers.

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What are some good sites for tech/Linux news things?

Just a heads up, I changed my XMPP. It is now :xmpp:

So today I was getting an order together at work and complaining about it because it was kind of dumb. Turns out it was going to Tony Hawk, so that's pretty cool.

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