Like podcasts? @ChrisWere started a new one:

It's pretty great so far, can't wait for the next episode

I like #trains, and stations. Especially at night they have a special atmosphere. This is the Uji Keihan station near #Kyoto.
#Japan #photography #mastoart

Well. is fine an everything but I will now replay and again since they were native games from the start

1. King's Quest6
2. Zelda Majoras Mask
3. Super Metroid
4. Cave Story+
5. Portal 2

I'm a kde guy, spouse a gnome girl. Again, I try to treat myself to the cause the workflow is nice and mutter is a better window manager, BUT NAUTILUS IS STILL SLOW.
Planning to stay here till plasma 5.14

My Evening: Kid and wife are sleeping, LETS SPEEDRUN SUPER METROID, it's been too long
*Dies at early wave beam*

Again and again, it's a joy to edit a good bunch of pictures with . Below, I only used "local contrast"

I read many people being worried about a possible negative effect on native game development because of the + combo. I think that the first visible and positive effect will be that we'll have more reliable demographics on how many people play on linux. This will reveal how big this market is and hopefully will bring according efforts to develop games.

The "Steam Play" thing is cool, but people are acting like Wine was just invented. You could play 99% of this stuff ages before Valve cloned the Wine & DXVK repos and copy pasted them into Steam. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of what Valve is doing. However, I think you should give credit where credit's due: The wine developers

With Steam Play and Proton all over the interwebs today I should be clear about something. I will use it to play Windows games I already have, and any that I pick up in bundles, I may even buy the odd older game for nostalgia; but game developers who offer proper native ports will be the ones I support first and foremost, they went to the effort of creating native games and so are most deserving of my hard earned money

I was thinking about techniques. And funny enough, is the perfect candidate for a vlog.

Does anyone have experience with the video editor ?

It sits there in the and looks like a simple alternative to

The simple fact that I need Reader Mode to read practically every single commercial web page tells you everything you need to know about the state of the web. #accessability

Hi! Was on the peertube page and stumbled upon @sisadness 's mastodon page and here I am! A decentralized twitter alternative is very appealing to me and willing to give it a shot!

For today's I thought I might show you my phone. As you can see, it's free of Google apps. I must say that I don't really miss Google services on the phone.

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