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I find this more frightening than it was probably intended. A sketch, written by a texting robot.


When I wrote it, it was a joke, but it turns out to be true:

Once set up and configured to your likings, things.... Just.... Work....

And thats why distro hopping is soooo fun! Cause fiddling and tweaking is fun 😀

Sorry, I've been away for many weeks. Hat a minor winter depression and not much to report. At least the computer was running as expected.

I am VERY excited for the next release, cause it has ditched qt4 and provides qt5 ports for apps that even arch hasn't done yet.

And my machine might have reached the limit what you can do with newer kernels, xorgs and mesas. So fixed release might be a thing again.

Strange Strange strange.... I am using VirtualBox 6.0 on Manjaro right now and wanted to look at Debian Testing (freeze is coming up), I used two Isos in two weeks now and both are SLOW AS F*CK. Even preparing the base install takes up to an hour.

Virtualboxbug or DebInstall-Bug??

okay.... so now I'm learning . And once I found the magic "ANIMATE"-Button. Things got pleasant :D

"Sometimes things break, using a rolling distribution!"
"You mean, the system doesn boot anymore?"
"No. Sometimes you have to stream webradio via which is still on but the QT4-Phonon-Backend has been removed, therefore you can only use pure and have to root all your outputs (Master, Monitor, Cue) to a seperate soundcard (1 internal, 2 external)

Better keep your headphones ready :D

Writing a video script about
Already 4 pages in and still no signs of the installation boot....

I need to redo this :(

I've been juggling with some virtualboxes of old distros and I wonder.... why does take sooooo long to install????

Aaaah. A fb reminder. was a thing and I loved organizing my music and podcasts with it.
It's not dead yet but dying for some time now. Removed from arch, debian testing and opensuse.
You were a great piece of Software <3

Like podcasts? @ChrisWere started a new one:

It's pretty great so far, can't wait for the next episode

I like #trains, and stations. Especially at night they have a special atmosphere. This is the Uji Keihan station near #Kyoto.
#Japan #photography #mastoart

Well. is fine an everything but I will now replay and again since they were native games from the start

1. King's Quest6
2. Zelda Majoras Mask
3. Super Metroid
4. Cave Story+
5. Portal 2

I'm a kde guy, spouse a gnome girl. Again, I try to treat myself to the cause the workflow is nice and mutter is a better window manager, BUT NAUTILUS IS STILL SLOW.
Planning to stay here till plasma 5.14

My Evening: Kid and wife are sleeping, LETS SPEEDRUN SUPER METROID, it's been too long
*Dies at early wave beam*

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