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@sjsayers93 Wow that is a blast from the past. Only just logged into mastdodon again for the first time in a while.

@ChrisWere People already watch TV to combat loneliness and play audio cds / casset tapes with bedtime stories for kids. Using AI for it just gives it a weird vibe.

@josh_ Brazill had 42000 gun deaths in 2012 (sorry for old data but I doubt it changed much). Did none of them qualify as mass shootings? I doubt it since it's defined as 3 people or more being shot...

@fishaware They aren't preventing it per se. This isn't proprietary software so no uses can truly be prevented. It does however make it harder.

@cjd @micrackbiron @trwnh I agree it wouldn't be useful at all for this use case. I just thought it was interesting to contrast with your point that an IRC network split due to nodes trusting eachother.

@micrackbiron @trwnh @cjd Yes, because the data itself as verified as being valid according to the ruleset. It requires no authentication because valid data is valid data. @trwnh @micrackbiron @cjd Interestingly bitcoin nodes don't trust eachother at all, but they all need to agree on a common ruleset. This is why when there was a large disagreement on what the ruleset should be, the network had to split.

@cjd Wouldn't it be better to have maintained lists of users or hashtags. Each user could individually subscribe to the list to either block everything on the list, or specifically view the posts under it, depending on what they want. The "mods" in this case would be the list maintainers.

How can I see what blocklists are being used on a given instance?

@Lunduke I think understanding the kernel is a bit like learning quantum mechanics. You have to actually study it at a low level to really understand what it does. Most people who try to talk about quantum mechanics and kernels at a high level end up reasoning based on faulty generalisations.

@licho @vaeringjar @stevenroose If you follow on Twitter or Mastodon, or in specific publications like @coindesk or podcasts like , rather than reddit or mainstream media, you will find much more interesting content than just price.

@seasharp It's the old embrace, extend and destroy pattern. The thing is it makes sense for google to do this strategically. Now we have to see how well the web can resist this attack.

@BryanLunduke You'd probably want to ditch linux and run some kind of RTOS on there in order to be able to power-down the SoC almost completely when not needed.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...