@stephanlivera Just to steelman a bit: If tail emissions were necessary for Bitcoins survival then NOT having them would also affect peoples willingness to save in a doomed currency

@BrodieOnLinux Disney is powerful enough they could probably convince youtube to remove any video that tarnishes their brand by making anagrams out of their name.

@BrodieOnLinux Aren't the packages signed? Aren't the dependency version hashes locked? I'm not so familiar with NPM but it seems crazy if not.

@excellion Funny thing is, at least for me, this is the first time it happened with a coin I'd never heard of.


> All messenger services should be required to interoperate.

There is no other messenger than EUMSG.

> We will fund opensource software, like e.g. messenger clients.

The carrot.

> All messengers are now required to scan messages for unwanted content locally, before encryption, and notify the gooberment of such communicaton.

The stick.

@MoonCapital Don't worry they will just get into more debt to pump their assets and foot the bill onto us.

@Nezchan @ubuntumate Ubuntu has had a tradition of breaking and then fixing suspend to RAM in alternating releases for the last 15 years.

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Signal: You can only have one device, please use the migration tool to move from your "old" phone to your "new" phone. Also, upload all your contacts' details, we promise it's encrypted, and we don't see *anything* (except that we know all the phone numbers).

XMPP client: Please log in to your account. Here's all your stuff, same as on all your other devices.

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@lain Sad thing is that the landscape of twitter just has no room for this kind of nuance.

@shebang @Gina thats why we burn their seeds, to a crisp, grind them and, dip them in boiling water, filter them out and throw them away and drink the water.

@itsfoss I already ditched twitter some time ago but I guess this just got me interested again

Is there a reason it's not possible to view the "local" timeline of another instance other than the one your account is on?

You can already view those posts in the Federated timeline, just mixed in with every other instance.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Most bitcoiners these days will agree with you. Bitcoin is a good currency which requires an inherently inefficient design in order to make it politically independent & censorship resistant. Blockchain is mostly useless in other contexts (unless you count things like git).

@TechNews Big social media companies don't really mind becoming the new cable TV. Heavily regulated content and no competition from smaller sites, perfect for them.

@gingerrroot Curious to know how screen readers interpret emojis? Are they simply ignored? Seems like that would be a big oversight in that tech.

@bitcoinmagazine It's about time bitcoin twitter got on mastadon. Honestly hypocritical to waste your time with fiat social media.

@mike I've found twitter is best used without an account, and just bookmarking pages of people whose posts you really care about reading.

@Nezchan On twitter I got plenty of replies to my posts, accusing me of having the gall to try to introduce nuance into a conversation and being a bot.

@rysiek @raucao @echo_pbreyer You are trying to argue that individuals do not benefit from using bitcoin privately, with individuals who benefit from using bitcoin privately.

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