@Wolf480pl@niu.moe @trwnh @micrackbiron @cjd Interestingly bitcoin nodes don't trust eachother at all, but they all need to agree on a common ruleset. This is why when there was a large disagreement on what the ruleset should be, the network had to split.

@micrackbiron @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @trwnh @cjd Yes, because the data itself as verified as being valid according to the ruleset. It requires no authentication because valid data is valid data.

@sharperguy @micrackbiron @Wolf480pl @trwnh
Bitcoin is an awesome project, but it is an authoritarian protocol (if two nodes are unable to agree on how much BTC you have, even by 1 satoshi, that's a fatal error).

My interest is in structural deradicalization through protocols which bring together people who disagree, so authoritarian protocols are not interesting for this particular use case.


@cjd @micrackbiron @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @trwnh I agree it wouldn't be useful at all for this use case. I just thought it was interesting to contrast with your point that an IRC network split due to nodes trusting eachother.

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