#Bitcoin and #cryptocurrency sounds like a nice alternative to Patreon and Librepay for a hobby tip jar, but it just seems more like a pop investment scheme than a currency or payment processor.

#Bitcoin is definitely not a payment processor. While it was used a lot for tipping several years ago, it's not suitable for it due to scalability reasons. That's the Bitcoin blockchain, though. It's feasible to make small Bitcoin payments through the #LightningNetwork. It's a payment network built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and has good scaling properties.
I wouldn't call it a pop investment scheme, but I acknowledge it's not ready for primetime use yet.

I liked how using it just needed software and not necessarily a log-in page / account on a web service. But most talk on it is about price fluctuations--- which got to the point some online stores stopped accepting--- and speculation, not so much conventional commerce (?)

So I stopped following for a long time.

@licho @vaeringjar @stevenroose If you follow on Twitter or Mastodon, or in specific publications like @coindesk or podcasts like , rather than reddit or mainstream media, you will find much more interesting content than just price.

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