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After something like 6 years my vans died on me :( I've been to Idk how many countries with them 😭

Fooood homemade 

Tonkatsu made by my lovely partner in food

Music funny 

Has anyone ever seen this? This shit is hilarious haha

The black hole picture is clearly just a butt-hole after a jalapeño challenge.

I'm trying out pidgin for XMPP for the first time after years of removing it automatically on new installs, and I got to admit that it seems pretty nice! I am going to try and use it for a month or so.

The same people who are against closed source software and/or surveillance but are all for cashless businesses that only accept credit cards or google pay must be having some really serious inner struggles.

Finally handed in my deep learning exam paper and I'm done with this block! Time to celebrate with burgers 🍔

Just found out protonvpn does not allow seeding 😭

Italian Pols 

Lol Mussolini's granddaughter got pissed and triggered because of Jim Carrey's art piece on his grandpa. She is on a full histerical rampage on twitter that just about represents everything wrong with the country (namely very late and poor education with a pinch of corruption).

Just trying out the client and it seems pretty darn cool

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Planning to be on Big Daddy Linux Live this evening at 8:00pm Eastern USA.
We shall be reviewing the greatest distro ever.... Solus!!!!
Please tune in.

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..