@friend @s31bz I do not have F-Droid and do not plan on using it until I have a better suited phone for it, this also allows other users in my home network to download videos from other OS's

Youtube wants me to get a subscription to download videos & watch them offline. So I'm making a nice youtube-dl dockerized web app on my home server so I can download videos on my phone to watch during my commute.

Development on the mini lab I'm building. I found a nice pc for 20€ with 4 core i5, 1gb radeon graphics card and 6gb RAM.

I've been out of mastodon for so long that @Gargron changed profile picture.

About to start building my small + entertainment servers setup in what will be my working space in the new apt.
Things I'm going to setup :
- home monitoring station on
- pihole
- jupyter notebook
- minidlna

@jasper The weird thing is that matrices randomly generated with the same sizes don't return this error. It must be something in the preprocessing, probably the svd or even earlier in the preprocess.

Thesis proposal due in a couple of days and my system died on me, no emacs config and have to settle with texstudio 😭

I'm about to try PopOS again and this time stick to it :popos:

I am having issues installing TensorRT on an Ubuntu system. Any help or suggestion would be highly appreciated.

@nergal @omnipotens same for me, many distro groups have telegram chats simply because it is convenient and many are tied to it. Can you have group chats with XMPP?

I love when these videos pop up in my recommendations :) Really glad to see more people might switch, the more the merrier

Visualizations from when I started vs the ones from the last months.

For my fiancee, I made a self-similarity matrix poster of our song. Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night.

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