Development on the mini lab I'm building. I found a nice pc for 20€ with 4 core i5, 1gb radeon graphics card and 6gb RAM.

About to start building my small + entertainment servers setup in what will be my working space in the new apt.
Things I'm going to setup :
- home monitoring station on
- pihole
- jupyter notebook
- minidlna

Decided to build my first perceptron from scratch, came out pretty ok and in few lines of python.
Here is a gif on how it learns to classify two groups.

After something like 6 years my vans died on me :( I've been to Idk how many countries with them 😭

Fooood homemade 

Tonkatsu made by my lovely partner in food

Unbelievable. Universities that pay nothing their PhD candidates, charge 150k of tuition, give loans with high interests and accept donations are actually susceptible to bribery. What a coincidence.

Vowel clustering with K-Means of the F1 and F2 formants. Guess what language it is.

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