Youtube wants me to get a subscription to download videos & watch them offline. So I'm making a nice youtube-dl dockerized web app on my home server so I can download videos on my phone to watch during my commute.

I mean, maybe your solution has its own merits, but you could also just use a proper YouTube app:

@friend @s31bz I do not have F-Droid and do not plan on using it until I have a better suited phone for it, this also allows other users in my home network to download videos from other OS's

I don't understand your point about having a better suited phone for it. Unless you're struggling with storage space, I'm not aware of any reason not to use F-Droid. You could even just download APKs off of

If you have an alternate solution for this particular problem which works better for you, sure, do that. I just didn't want you thinking there's no easier way to download YouTube videos.

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