I'm trying out pidgin for XMPP for the first time after years of removing it automatically on new installs, and I got to admit that it seems pretty nice! I am going to try and use it for a month or so.

@semordnilap Use Gajim on the desktop with the OMEMO plugin
OMEMO is end-to-end encryption for XMPP

@dtluna @semordnilap pidgin has an OMEMO extension, though I found it a pain to build

@a_breakin_glass @semordnilap me and want to build a TUI client with OMEMO support in Go

@dtluna @semordnilap (well, it has a plugin, but unlike pidgin that doesn't seem to work at all)

I used to LOVE it back in the day when I wish in high school and everyone talked on AIM.

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