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Three months ago I joined this instance but forgot a proper with hashtags and all that fancy stuff, so here it goes:
I am a computational linguist passionate about and . I like in research and often talk too much about the importance of os and in academia and education.
I like l4d2, terraria and honestly too many games.
I study and like to talk about sensible implementations of it and its future, also very into

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The bot for the latest on linguistics conferences and calls is up and running! @linguistlistmirror

Everybody with JBL's but I got a nice pair of Sony headphones, Same price as the cheapest wireless JBL but with NFC and double battery life (20 frigging hrs)

After something like 6 years my vans died on me :( I've been to Idk how many countries with them 😭

The black hole picture is clearly just a butt-hole after a jalapeño challenge.

I'm trying out pidgin for XMPP for the first time after years of removing it automatically on new installs, and I got to admit that it seems pretty nice! I am going to try and use it for a month or so.

The same people who are against closed source software and/or surveillance but are all for cashless businesses that only accept credit cards or google pay must be having some really serious inner struggles.

Finally handed in my deep learning exam paper and I'm done with this block! Time to celebrate with burgers 🍔

Just found out protonvpn does not allow seeding 😭

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Just trying out the client and it seems pretty darn cool

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..