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Three months ago I joined this instance but forgot a proper with hashtags and all that fancy stuff, so here it goes:
I am a computational linguist passionate about and . I like in research and often talk too much about the importance of os and in academia and education.
I like l4d2, terraria and honestly too many games.
I study and like to talk about sensible implementations of it and its future, also very into

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The bot for the latest on linguistics conferences and calls is up and running! @linguistlistmirror

Youtube wants me to get a subscription to download videos & watch them offline. So I'm making a nice youtube-dl dockerized web app on my home server so I can download videos on my phone to watch during my commute.

Development on the mini lab I'm building. I found a nice pc for 20€ with 4 core i5, 1gb radeon graphics card and 6gb RAM.

I've been out of mastodon for so long that @Gargron changed profile picture.

About to start building my small + entertainment servers setup in what will be my working space in the new apt.
Things I'm going to setup :
- home monitoring station on
- pihole
- jupyter notebook
- minidlna

Thesis proposal due in a couple of days and my system died on me, no emacs config and have to settle with texstudio 😭

I'm about to try PopOS again and this time stick to it :popos:

I am having issues installing TensorRT on an Ubuntu system. Any help or suggestion would be highly appreciated.

I love when these videos pop up in my recommendations :) Really glad to see more people might switch, the more the merrier

Visualizations from when I started vs the ones from the last months.

For my fiancee, I made a self-similarity matrix poster of our song. Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night.

Decided to build my first perceptron from scratch, came out pretty ok and in few lines of python.
Here is a gif on how it learns to classify two groups.

Everybody with JBL's but I got a nice pair of Sony headphones, Same price as the cheapest wireless JBL but with NFC and double battery life (20 frigging hrs)

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