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Three months ago I joined this instance but forgot a proper with hashtags and all that fancy stuff, so here it goes:
I am a computational linguist passionate about and . I like in research and often talk too much about the importance of os and in academia and education.
I like l4d2, terraria and honestly too many games.
I study and like to talk about sensible implementations of it and its future, also very into

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The bot for the latest on linguistics conferences and calls is up and running! @linguistlistmirror

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Nothing better than a morning of L4D2 and Killing Floor 1 to get inspiration for my research paper due in two weeks and take my mind off this goddamn infection.

So nice when you upgrade and some annoyances just disappear giving you back a flawless user experience.

I have just posted a short blog post on how to make a static dat webpage in few minutes using and . I'm quite enthusiastic about this project and can't wait to see it grow.

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My students are doing an art and tech mashup lesson making a Book Wall of their favorite characters in the #OpenSource #Minetest app. We've got characters from #StarWars, #HungerGames, among others. #edtech


Just finished setting up a static webpage with a combo of + . The dat protocol is quite cool and I'm really hoping this browser will be used more and more in the future.
You can find the webpage at
dat://bloglinguistica.hashbase and give beaker browser or bunsen browser a try!

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Making a text generating neural network trained on Cartman's lines is going to be fun for sure

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I mostly write about security and such, but every now and again I get to churn out a massive story about how to quit Twitter and start a new life here on Masto. I tried to cover as many bases as possible, but lmk if I missed anything really important!

FB, IG and Whatsapp down in half the country, people panicking and saying "All social networks don't work!!! Oh the humanityyyyy!!!".

Me checking the mastodon timelines: Nah, it's alright :thinkergunsunglasses:

Still wondering if anyone is onto a fediverse open source version of disquis or whatever you spell it. I have no web dev skills at all (my blog makes it pretty clear) but I would love to contribute or donate to a project like that.

Can't wait to be done with my master and move back to the States, first thing I'm going to do is visit the Canyon and Yellowstone.

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Finally had a ten hour sleep after who knows how long

Just tried to use org-mode publish feature to make a static website/blog with and the result is great, you can just publish and update websites in right in orgmode and the browser autoupdates the website.

I'm really enjoying the and . I'm trying to use only them and then go back in a month or two to firefox to have a better idea of which I like best.

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Shout out to all the librarians. Oh shit sorry.

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The decentralized web is a dream of many and an idea that I can finally see coming to fruition with the work of @BeakerBrowser. Download it and check out my first decentralized website below. dat://b8fe38950de556144f36a218e5fcee701c698f33ddda5bf03420e578710322c9/
#linux #privacy

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