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Just curious folks just wondering how you found LinuxRocks?

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Stuff I'd rather not see grow on Mastodon Show more

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Here's an HDR of sorts. Same picture I posted the other day, but


Cliff Park, Maple Ridge, BC

Let's talk about :

"One in five genetics papers contains errors thanks to Microsoft Excel" - via Washington Post

You Deserve Freedom 1:
The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish (freedom 1). Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

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Mastodon: Your DMs can be read by the admin(s) on your specific instance.

Twitter: Your DMs can be read by the entire Twitter Corporation.

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You can tunnel your internet traffic over SSH or DNS, so long as what's listening at the other end knows how to do it. There are a few canned systems that help you with it, but I'm not sure how reliable they are. All of the ones that try to mimic legit DNS traffic are slow though.

If you can already control what's hosted on port 53 -- Your best bet is to SSH over that route and take care of everything remotely instead of routing traffic.

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mastodon privacy Show more

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Alternative fedi implementations are good for the health of the internet. Being able to transfer seamlessly between them is going to become a thing we shall have to work at in the coming months. We need to be prepared for another wave like this

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#twitter has turned from "(almost) social media" (following one's 'followed' of choice) into an "engagement"-optimised 'botnet' of 'promoted' and 'viral' tweets with ads in between for maximum revenue. Plus #censorship of course, e.g. #shadowbanned users. #socialcontrolmedia
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Random reason to choose Pleroma #124:

I like that you customize Pleroma easily with colors and the roundness of certain elements (avatars, buttons, fields, etc.).

I haven't used twitter for a while, but this is much more if I remember correctly.

#pleroma #fediverse #customization #twitter
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I wish I could choose timelines I wanna see on a per instance basis on the main view. That way if I wanna watch a anime mastodon feed instead of the federated timeline, I could.

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What's the latest in Mastodon and #wordpress integration?

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Mastodon geeking: critical mass Show more

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Just saw someone retoot an organization's toot: "We'll take Mastodon serious if we get more than 100 followers".

Well, back to Twitter with you then, you don't seem to get the idea.

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hey fediverse #artists who follow me!

wanna make a logo for a my self-hosted AP/indieweb blogging software? i'll pay good $$$, but i will need to own the intellectual property, as it will be used in a FOSS (Affero GPL, like Mastodon and Pleroma) project. if it helps, i know what i want, but i can't do art.

i'm looking for a rabbit in the foreground, with the moon in the background, with the rabbit looking upward.

the project in question is called Michabo, named after the legendary Great Rabbit, patron of Chaos, Entropy and Discord.

let me know who you are, commission prices, when you can do it, etc. i'll figure out what works from there, I suppose.

this is not "piece work", i'll figure out what i want based on things you've already done to see if the style would be in agreement with what i want. if it is, we will go from there.

have a good night! looking forward to hearing from you!
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Someone asked, so here's my self-hosted list:

✅ Files (nextcloud)
✅ Bookmarks (wallabag)
✅ Code (gitea)
☑️ Music (AirSonic)
☑️ Media (Plex)
✅ Search (Searx)
✅ CI / CD Pipelines (Drone)
✅ Alerting / Status (Prometheus/Grafana)
✅ EBooks Library (Callibre)
✅ AD Stripping DNS (PiHole)
✅ Object Storage for backups (minio)
✅ Shared Listening (Icecast w/ friends)
☑️ Secure Chat / VOIP (Matrix)

Everything with a green checkmark is hosted off of a stack of Raspberry Pi's. The rest are on a NUC or ☁️

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people new to masto: if you think maybe the idea of your DMs being read might be a little spooky, let me introduce you to some chat apps!!!!

A lot of us old guard mastodon folks use wire since it strikes the best middle ground between Ease of use X Cross Platform Availability X Security

Now it isn't fully federated (they're working on it), but the software is open source. Also it doesn't require a phone number to sign up for it.

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Have no idea why Netflix disallows 'private' mode...

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