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"Leaving Facebook makes people happier but less informed" ( - Who conducted this survey, the Zuckerberg Foundation?? How are people LESS informed because of Facebook??

Bitcoin as we know it is not a currency replacement.

Nor is it Climate Change made tangible.

Before we even get to a discussion of how many KJ fractional reserve central banking uses in its current form, the assertions contradict the data.

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NeXTstation from 1991 emulating Windows and a Mac at the same time. So far ahead of its time. #Retrocomputing

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Let me say it one more time...

This is what they think you will identify with... This is what they want others to think of you...

This is marginalization of our position in action.

This is what they think of you.

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>take brother's shitty old tablet
>replace broken display and digitizer
>purge all Google botnet traces, because GMS was crashing too often
>install Fennec and F-Droid

And now I have cheap mobile procrastination terminal :3

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I wrote this for Lifehacker about how all your notifications are LIES and today is a good day to turn off all your notifications, so enjoy:

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Hilarious. After effectively abandoning Linux desktop OSes by never updating the client, withholding massive new features, & dropping support for tons of formats, Dropbox is naming something “Nautilus,” the name of one of the most used Linux file managers.

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New encryption law to force Australian citizens to hand over computer passwords and mobile pins - or face $60,000 or five years in prison

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LOL This Joe Rogan "Debate" is a mess.

Best Selling Paleo Author (who is best friends with Taubes) who can't refute data without appealing to a database he likes vs an actual doctor quoting 2018 meta-analyses

Have a laugh:

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Well, that was fun to read.

> RSS’ true failings though are on the publisher side, with the most obvious issue being analytics. RSS doesn’t allow publishers to track user behavior.

> losing your logo, colors, and fonts on an article is an effective way to kill enterprise value.

> There needs to be some sort of a commerce layer around feeds

> Next, RSS readers need to get a lot smarter about marketing and on-boarding. They need to actively guide users to find where the best content is, and help them curate their feeds with algorithms

> I don’t think users actually, truly care about privacy

> with the right business model in place, there could be enough users to make such a renewed approach to streams viable for companies, and that is ultimately the critical ingredient you need to have for a fresh news economy to
surface and for RSS to come back to life.
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#Mastodon question :

Does the "Federated Timeline" represent all active instances of Mastodon across the world, or does it only show posts from those instances that are formally connected with this one?

#instance #instances #federation

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Apple: we believe privacy is a human right.

Also Apple: here’s your trust score.


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#ManyVerse app is kinda nice, but I'm not really sure how to add people. Am I supposed to just invite people one by one? 🤔

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@BaldGodzilla i contributed to diaspora before and also wrote a social network for a company, so i kinda knew how it worked. i talked about it a bit at
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Tech companies don't want to pay senior, knowledgeable engineers what they're worth so they claim they're over-qualified.

Which results in more of our tech being designed and implemented by people who are under-qualified without proper mentor-ship and industry-specific history lessons.

The entire industry has it's eyes closed as to the real cost of software. Right now, the consumers are paying for that cost through intangible side-effects which become tangible once democracy fails, cars crash…

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