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Listening to Windir. Albums have lyrics written in Sognamål dialect, a Western Norwegian dialect which is spoken in the area of Sogn. The atmosphere of the music & lyrics sounds beautiful. 🎸

😂 Will not be able to order anymore
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If you are a Marathi speaker, don’t tell me you don’t giggle a little every time you order sushi.

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So I’m starting a new series on my blog, rambling about all things Linux kernel exploitation related - highlighting modern techniques, mitigations, bypasses and all manner of shenanigans 🤠

Acha joke tha good one Modiji
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India is guiding the "fourth industrial revolution" as government programmes make technology accessible, improve services and encourage startups, said PM Modi

Read this report by @PeerzadaAbrar to know what else he said.

Chicken Handi. I don't like ghee by itself but cooking in ghee or mustard oil adds a completely different flavour.

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40+ Interesting Math Books from @SpringerMath Undergraduate Series 🐴

I love Springer books. They have high-quality textbooks. Here you will find not only the classics but also the hidden gems that aren’t so famous! Every mathematician should have them!

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The book is real!! I was hoping to launch the associated website today (with all illustrations and data) but running into a truly weird corp firewall issue -- but soon soon SOOOOON

Ya 0 interest in AI/ML here 😄
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Are there any CS people left who aren't all that interested in AI/ML?

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On Linux and several BSDs, std::sync's Mutex, RwLock, and Condvar now no longer do any allocations. They used to be (heap-allocated) wrappers around pthread lock types, but have been replaced by a minimal, more efficient, futex-based implementations.


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cute calm black cat big eyes dilated pupils in bath tub water being bathed cleaned washed terraria day music theme audio

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Found this via @programmerjoke9; I think it’s brilliant.

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