The rebase dependent branches with –update-refs is going to be great. I needed this quite a few times in the past.

So it seems i3status-rs will drop the Network Manager module in its next release. Move to systemd-networkd+iwd and incentive to write iwd block 🤔

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📢 GStreamer 1.21.1 is out! This is the first unstable development release / snapshot on the road to the upcoming 1.22 stable release and is aimed primarily at developers and early adopters. Give it a spin and let us know how it goes! Binary packages will follow shortly.

Basa in Lemon Butter sauce....some additional garlic, ginger, coriander and chillies for spice 😋

Another two weeks to GStreamer hackfest 👨‍💻. Stoked. Visas came last week without hassle.

I used to like a boiled egg sandwich at the Juicy shop in Koramangala and always wished they would spice it up. My spiced up version 😄.

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With Neovim 0.8 out the door I decided to write a piece about the new LSP features:

I never manage to get the steep time and temperature right for my tea 😭

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PipeWire 0.3.59 is out! A good amount of small tweaks and fixes and new Bluetooth LE support. You can read about the changes here:

And morons keep talking about our culture 😂. Ya, I can see the culture, thank you.

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Why is the country like this? Indians ride their 2 or 4 wheelers as if they are riding a Ducati or Ferrari on a racetrack. No lane discipline, honking, risky close overtakes & that too by big ass SUVs. Even before the signal turns green, honking & accelerator is already floored.

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The big problems with aging in the industry are health-related. There are several occupational diseases that any programmer sooner or later will have to deal with and the older professionals rarely warn the youngsters about them, and rarely coach them with preemptive measures.

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This just came in the mail today. Anything by John Stillwell is worth reading, so I’m really looking forward to dipping into his latest.

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/dev/kmem + GDB Stub = kmemd

This is an introduction to kmemd - a tool for exploring a live Linux kernel’s memory in a non-intrusive way using GDB.

Explore a live Linux kernel's memory using GDB

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