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I would just like to reiterate how awesome our customers are


Had an awesome time talking about Pop!_Pi on, listen here:


I appreciate the time and effort of distro developers who package NVIDIA drivers for their distros. While I use AMD cards now, which utilize open source drivers and are easier to push fixes for, thank you for your efforts.

I can't possibly be the only one who listens to smooth background jazz as they work

Going on random research sprees across the internet regarding technology......yup just a normal weeknight.

All of these are fantastic


I Photoshop Paddington into another movie until I forget: Day 223


How to extend SSD lifespan: don't hibernate

carbon-based, solid state safe batteries in electronics when

Working from a different timezone for a an experience.

I love Lil Nas X music videos. The truth has come out.

Hmm thinking about visiting the Netherlands or Croatia in 2022...


Sometimes it's frustrating how many things people find to complain about on Linux.

A: it's free.
B: it's making leaps and bounds to be better.
C: many people who make it better aren't even paid to do so.

If it doesn't have a feature you like, make it yourself or donate.


That feeling when you play a piano version of a techno song from 2004 and Google can't recognize it

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