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Few thumbnail design I've made for @_adriend_@twitter.com to support his work and not leave him alone doing a job that feeds a lot of us weekly!
Done with @CorelDRAW@twitter.com

videos are on @YouTube@twitter.com channel

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I’d love to know what’s going through his mind as he looks out across the Loch towards the mountains 🐢

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"I saw through fresh eyes how confusing it is for that new Linux user to do something as basic as installing a piece of popular software. And I witnessed how misinformation & preconceived notions can spread like wildfire, unchecked by logic and reality."

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I would just like to point this out again.

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Sometimes it's frustrating how many things people find to complain about on Linux.

A: it's free.
B: it's making leaps and bounds to be better.
C: many people who make it better aren't even paid to do so.

If it doesn't have a feature you like, make it yourself or donate.

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For the holidays I’m doing another round of getting old donation computers and flipping them to give them away for free.

Also will be donating to @Linux_Mint@twitter.com during this as they are the winning distro for this project.

Thank you Linux

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I love how awesome the people I work with are.

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here's a quick side by side of WayDroid on the @oneplus@twitter.com 6 vs @thepine64@twitter.com Pinephone, the Pinephone runs a lot better than i would have expected. (32gb/3gb model).

the op6 is running 5.16-rc1, the pinephone is running 5.14.6, both on @postmarketOS@twitter.com edge.

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The next trend may be plopping newer boards in older machines πŸ€”πŸ€”

If I get my before next xmas, I'll be happy. No rush.

All it takes is one stranger giving you a compliment to brighten your day/night

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I am THRILLED to introduce the brand new website!

It's all of our content under one roof. Articles, podcasts, videos, and eventually a community forum and MUCH more!

Come on in, mind the bugs, and welcome /Home.

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Step 1: Buy two external 1-2TB HDD (not that expensive)
Step 2: Backup all your important files to both drives.
Step 3: Encrypt the drives.
Step 4. Leave one drive at the office, or give it to your neighbor, family friend, etc. (it's encrypted).
Step 5: You are now backed up.

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With all the craziness that's happening in my life today, trying my best to remain sane.

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