Welp, lemme know if anyone wants to hire a remote Linux support person. My DMs are open.

It all starts with schools. Better education surrounded computers and computer interaction in schools means better-educated computer users going forward. I don't see that happening too much in the USA...but I would love to be proven wrong. I cling to hope!

Don't cry because they're gone, smile because they were here

For those of us still hanging onto our 11th gen @FrameworkPuter@twitter.com holding out hope for Ryzen, there's a bios update available: community.frame.work/t/bios-gu

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Me no like Intel 12th gen. Ryzen 7000 laptop chips when?

This one achievement I've never obtained...

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As Captain, kill the final boss using a Supply Beacon to complete the Captain: Smushed Challenge.

This nifty knock-out unlocks the OGM-72 'DIABLO' Strike. 😈

This Utility skill deals massive damage, but watch out; it comes in HOT. 🔥

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Finally, last comment — I feel compelled to share the CO2 readings from my trip on Via Rail. There was no one in my row, in front of me, or behind me. And yet …. CO2 was generally 1500-2000 & hit 2400 toward the end (though I didn’t take a pic of that). Wear a mask, folks …

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The @AMDRyzen@twitter.com 9 7900X / 9 7950X Benchmarks Show Impressive Zen 4 Performance

-- Tons of Linux benchmarks, even more on the way! The Ryzen 9 7900 series is coming on strong.


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Watching your friendly neighborhood streamers while waking up is comfy

Oi @linuxgnuru@twitter.com can we open source a compressor design that takes nitrogen out of the air?

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Comment: "liquid nitrogen overclocking is a waste of rare resources"
no one tell them

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In the tech world, I would always recommend doing some research before buying.

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