I will say, though, those IT jobs where you deal with hardware are awesome. Even though you can't afford them, you can at least temporarily explore the newest things lol

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God: you’re a parrot.

Parrot: ok.

God: you can repeat everything you hear.

Parrot: humans are the worst.

God: uh what?

Parrot: i’ll prolly kill them in a flood soon.



God: what’s it gonna take to keep this quiet?

Parrot: I wanna live in a tropical paradise.

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“At the airport, he refused to board without the baby. The immigration officers, he said, told him that Constantin would be handed to him once he had taken his seat. But the plane lifted off and the baby never came.” Heartbreaking story. nytimes.com/2019/06/16/us/baby

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Just a friendly reminder ...

📸️Fondo 1.3 is now available in @elementary@twitter.com's AppCenter:

🕚️The wallpaper history has arrived!
🏝️ Speed up your search with the photo filter by Orientation
😻️And many other surprises


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I used @ZorinOS@twitter.com 15 for about a week, and I truly feel it's one of, if not the best implementation of GNOME 3 I've seen. Customization, layouts, and general usability is top notch. Here are my impressions: youtu.be/QOjGWdAVzIw

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I love this area and I enjoy my new job, though it's a tad low-paying for the location. The goal is to network and eventually come across an SRE job I can work remote so I can move to WA and enjoy the scenery there. Don't know when that goal will happen though. 2/2

No idea how long I'll be able to live in the Bay Area to be honest. It's hard to keep focusing on a job when you jump from rental to AirBnB to AirBnB while searching for roommates for a more permanent place. Hopefully I get lucky. 1/2

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Podcasts are simply intimate relationships

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this is a reminder that you are not late, you are not too early, you are very much on time...

author unknown

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when Death Stranding arrives in Nov, preorder throat baby will be six months old, luckily on solids

gamers everywhere changing Kojima baby nappies, cradling it in one arm while we play.

the real death stranding was the baby we raised for 18 years after twitter.com/hellogames/status/

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I love all of you people. Thanks for being awesome and spread the love for once instead of criticism.

There's this fun thing called animu and mango. There's this other fun thing called Linux....and another called QubesOS.

Hello California. Hello poverty, my new life.

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