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Looking to start an Open Source career? We're hiring.

Send in your CV and portfolio to careers@nxos.org

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And yes I swapped the M$ flag buttons for Super

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It's amazing to me how much software is already available on the Librem 5.

- Some of it optimized for touch screens.
- Some partially optimized.
- Some not yet optimized, but functional.

The power of Free and Open Source software (and Linux) at work. :)


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Last week I learned that planting the seeds to convert others from MacOS to Ubuntu or Elementary OS actually worked in the long term.

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The walking turrets for Engineer in RoR 2 are adorable

One day, EAC won't be in Proton's way. One day.
Now to see how I could get around having only zbooks as Linux options at work...

Risk of Rain 2 tonight. Currently 16:09 here. One hour away from being off work and attempting to get those skills unlocked.

One day I'll get @ManjaroLinux@twitter.com running on the Aero15Xv8.

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A brand new Development Thoughts has just been shared!
Dive-in as we share details on two upcoming patches to consoles and update both our roadmaps to give clarity on timing!

Read more: bit.ly/2MQorOQ

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GitHub is a valuable tool but developers based in several countries were recently banned from accessing their private repos. This inspired GitBackup, which backups all GitHub repos to the @tardigrade_io@twitter.com decentralized network. Read about it on our blog. medium.com/@storjproject/archi

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@nanoloop@twitter.com Analogue Pocket will be shipping in 2020 for $199.99. Analogue Dock pricing will be announced next year.

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Typical day in IT. No one listens to me. Why do I even try anymore?

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The viewership metrics were inflated by 150 to 900%. Whole companies shifted their strategy to video. Companies going bankrupt, people losing jobs, FB gets away with 0.18% of annual income ($40M / $22B), a slap on the wrist.


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