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Some days are hectic. May I recommend a hot tub and space cake for after-hours relaxation?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to repair hardware that you purchased. You own it, you should be able to.

Today I am busily doing computer thing. When done doing computer thing, my brain will be refreshed and updated by going on a walk. Then at night I will systemctl restart and do computer thing tomorrow.

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (the first of many)!

It all kicks off with @jeremy_soller@twitter.com of @System76@twitter.com.

Subscribe to the podcast here: linux4everyone.com/subscribe

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So our dyson vacuum cleaner trigger assembly broke. A quick google search showed me they cost $25!!!!! to replace? Oh wait, there’s an stl for that. 2 hours and 10g of filament, we are back in action. to the rescue.

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Repairable and modular tech should be the future we're all living in

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We're building a new website at Linux4Everyone.com to hold ALL the things. Podcasts, articles, guides, videos, community AMAs, merch, etc.

I hope to launch it by June 1st at the latest.

THE QUESTION: Would you participate in a forum on this new site?

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Part of me wants Intel 11th gen just to test 5.11+
Also Ryzen

I'd just like to point out that you've been through a lot and deserve all the love in the world. Take some time for yourself, whenever you can, and continue shining.

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Took me forever but I finally did it!

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Adam Balla, AKA @chzbacon@twitter.com, has been on the front lines of Linux media for many years. In this week's blog, we discuss his Linux upbringing leading up to his new role as System76's Content Producer. Check it out! s76.co/Adam-Balla

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For anyone having DisplayLink issues on kernel 5.11 or onward, see here for suggestions wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/D
Also it appears there may be some fixes soon from the company themselves: github.com/DisplayLink/evdi/is

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Wrote a little script to help all of you Linux gamers quickly install and update @GloriousEggroll@twitter.com's ProtonGE:

CC: @Algamer@twitter.com

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