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Tails 4.0 Anonymous OS Release Candidate Out Now with Tor Browser 9.0, 5.3, and More bit.ly/2pXABxx @Tails_live@twitter.com

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Battlezone 98 Redux is still a great game. I have yet to see anyone come out with any game similar to it and it is 2019.

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We’re thrilled to announce our newest partner @a16z@twitter.com Cultural Leadership Fund. Together, we will help more young African Americans enter the technology industry. Learn more here bit.ly/2pcLyei

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It is indeed. @BhushanNShah@twitter.com and the Plasma Mobile team did a lot to make it usable lately twitter.com/phoronix/status/11

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Made some progress, but now I need to clear the G Suite management on the C201.

Now we just need newer AMD Thinkpads to have USB4 and support Coreboot

Meanwhile if you use an Apple product, you need to replace the entire thing if one part on the board fails. Yet another case for user-replaceable parts.

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Parts fail, it happens. It’s how you respond to it that set companies apart. The RMA process for the @CORSAIR@twitter.com memory I had fail was fast and painless πŸ‘

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Wow. It really is true that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I don't suppose I'll ever say this again but well done, Daily Mail.

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ROFL, what a hilariously vague error message.

"Hey, the driver you've chosen MIGHT be better, but we're gonna keep trying to install the one WE'VE chosen anyway. We know what's best for you! What? No, we're not telling you WHICH driver!"

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How to properly play Risk of Rain zwei

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@RiskofRain@twitter.com Build: Romualdo 3 towers
1- Find funguss af + N'kuhana's Opinion
2- Plant your Rancho Relaxo and have fun :)

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Linux Foundation named their new project to Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC). Well, that's not going to get people confused with Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

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Disable your IPv6 settings in grub to improve your Steam download speeds.

After that, install your Steam Games on a secondary SSD and auto-mount it on boot.


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ARM64 vs AMD64 OS development 

Twitter and Mastodon exploration rabbitholes are dangerous. I just wasted 30 min in my car instead of walking to my train.

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yes it's finally charging. this was quite a struggle. it can't charge at maximum current setting but i think that's due to imperfect soldering and grounding. it's cool that the charge current can be set easily via I2C (here it's around 800 mA at 28V, so charging with ~22W)

nobody wanted to help me in Engineer Zone so here's my monologue of solving the problem ez.analog.com/power/f/q-a/1166

Might see if I can attend FOSDEM next year. Coming from the States, it would be a fun adventure :)

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I can mostly agree with saying "Windows is bad" because I do feel it is inferior to Linux & macOS in many ways.

But to say "Microsoft is bad" is just stupid. They contribute SO MUCH to the OSS community.

VSCode, Dot NET Core, TypeScript, etc. All incredible OSS projects πŸ’―

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Here's a hot tip for ya @Bungie@twitter.com: Did you know Wine is NOT an emulator? ;-)

Also, aren't ALL operating systems modified the second you start installing software? Just sayin...

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