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You can now find all my soldering kits, stickers, wearable tech and more on my ✨new✨Etsy Store: etsy.com/au/shop/PIPER3DP

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Cheap solar-charged cars in pastel colors when

Decentralized solar and wind electric grids where everyone contributes and everyone benefits......what an ideal society that would be

Enjoy your sunday, and remember FOSS developers deserve to eat too.

New episode of Spy X Family tomorrow lets goooooo

I see some friends playing V Rising. Looks fun, but I'll wait till it works under Proton.

Hello this is Alex from System76 trying to reach out about your Thelio's extended warranty.

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Pavlo Tsiselskyi is a Ukrainian immigrant, @YearUp@twitter.com graduate, and Data Scientist at @LinkedIn@twitter.com. His career advice? β€œSay yes to opportunities, and do not be afraid to take on challenges. Always pursue your goal, and never give up.” yearup.org/about/stories/pavlo

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latest proton bleeding edge patches seems to fix the ffxiv launcher πŸ₯³

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