The is good. So far it’s gotten me a job interview, a sweet hook up on some ECC DIMMs, and some cool mofos to BS with about Linux, InfoSec, and Cyberpunk.


Has anyone else been having stability issues with Fedora 29? After upgrading, Gnome seems to randomly crash on my school laptop, causing me to loose work, which has been annoying. I'll reinstall Fedora over the holidays (2 weeks time) and see if that fixes it.

Can’t believe I missed the announcement of the RHEL 8 beta.

Gonna be giving it a spin this week, mainly test out Stratis and see what the Composer GUI is all about.

I haven’t used Twitter since SXSW 2007, but I signed up for an account to try to link up with some folks I met this weekend. At first login my account was already locked for suspicious activity, which I could unlock by handing over my phone number. No thanks.

Is this normal for new Twitter accounts or is my normal activity suspicious?


Dear #WeAreNameless,

we're watching Strange Days on day 17 of November.

10pm UTC will be the hour to press play on whatever form you came up with to watch it.

I don't judge & I'm not your mom. ;)

Mark the date & pin the hashtag for it'll be used to hangout and comment during the movie.

Hope to see ya there!

With love,
Ella K. :C_H:

Tag Shai - Certified

Me every time I pass a cert:
“I be certified flexin' that's a certified life (aye)”


Every time someone talks about how great emacs or vim is I trigger them by saying I prefer to use nano or gedit. Sod your elitism

Bitcoin Bandit - “SIM Swap”

“Most you rappers got no bars like a SIM swap”


Hey, hey, hey!

#WeAreNameless crowd, we're watching Strange Days on day 17 of November.

10pm UTC will probably be the chosen hour to start.

Mark the date & pin the hashtag for it'll be used to hangout and comment during the movie.

- If you have other nostalgic cyberpunk movies suggestions make them at so you can help me pick the next one :)

- Give me your preferred times in UTC so we can maximize our odds and have a nice time together again at the same time!

Ty! <3


Nominations are open for the 2018 #PersonOfTheYear in Organized Crime and #Corruption! Who has done the most in the world to advance transnational criminal activity and the political collusion that goes along w/ it? Tell us, read the details here:

I just became aware of how easy it is to change the Gtk and icon themes for flatpak apps. Game changer.

The new episode was better than expected. Alex Goldman seems to always go that extra mile to learn what is up on a situation and get the finer details. The episode is all about folks that hijack and sell social media usernames. Lessons learned? Lessons restated? Don’t use easily crackable passwords or SMS 2FA.


This Wednesday evening our @HackerRadioShow is still on a break, but I will be doing some live standup comedy and storytelling at the WBAI Halloween comedy fundraiser show. Come check it out if you're in range of Brooklyn! 🎃👻🦇🎙️📡🔊


The new Command Line Heroes episode is probably the best to date. It’s all about failure. Embracing it, using it to learn, and how to approach it. Without failure, we wouldn’t have the fog from Silent Hill.

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