I had a nerdy friend who pronounced GUI like gooey. That friend was later confused when we had a conversation about UI and UX and I pronounced them like ewwy and ucks.

Xbox Series S plays Xbox One S versions of Xbox One games. As a reminder, Xbox One is not the first Xbox (that was Xbox), but is the successor to Xbox 360. Xbox Series X, on the other hand, will play Xbox One X versions of Xbox One games plus Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games

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Say Xbox again. Say Xbox again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say Xbox one more goddamn time


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Helpful tips to spot conspiracy theories.

"Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)"

Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be botwiki.org!

New article on my move from #Atom feeds to #RSS feeds for better #ux.

I consider this to be interesting and hope you do too! Competing web #standards and all. πŸ˜‰


You know it's a holiday when all the FOSS software on your computer has updates but the proprietary stuff does not.

Unbelievably high blocked domains count on pihole, even after having various content blockers in browsers (on desktop _and_ mobile) in strict mode and being pretty choosy about which apps to install.

Most software and websites are basically malware (at least when it comes to privacy violation / tracking) to some degree. 😦

# journalctl --disk-usage
Archived and active journals take up 1.2G in the file system.
# journalctl --vacuum-size=500M
# journalctl --disk-usage
Archived and active journals take up 488.1M in the file system.

cf. unix.stackexchange.com/questio

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bane of my existence -- people who send voice clips over text messaging.

I know it's more accessible for some but .. the barrier for me in receiving is high.

This is your periodic reminder of sshuttle. My number one favourite tool in the box.



We should have #linux distro emoji on mastodon.social

...at least Debian!

Also not impressed with the search engine settings. Of course they wiped my old configuration, and now Google is the default..
But they also made it harder to add custom search engines!

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Firefox on Android update. Not as horrible as I heard it was. But it's not great.
Miss being able to rearrange tab order.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..